Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It Happens To Everyone.....

What does?.......

being human and dealing with a gambit of emotions.
This is where I am at right now.
The majority of opinion around me, tends to believe that I don't wrestle with petty things because I am quiet, I am organized, I tend to choose the mature option with things, I try diligently to think before I speak......
.....ugh I sound like a noble, dependable, wet noodle.

The fact is...I wrestle every day with what I WANT to say and do and what I actually DO say and do.

For example, here is the thing I am focusing on right now in my mind......
A few weeks ago, I took my 15 year old in to get her first pair of contacts. I spoke with 3 different people at the establishment of choice and they all told me that I could do the exam and trial pair of contacs for $110. It was a great deal to have all the perks of a real eye specialist and all of the support that they offered.
I was frustrated though in dealing with "contact fitting gal". She was short tempered and sassy through our whole appointment. She was sarcastic with my daughter and annoyed with me when I took over explaining how to put contacts in because she didn't want to give my daughter the time of day. Anyone who knows me, knows that a lack of professionalism is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Still I bit my tongue and stayed in a "gracious attitude". She had us pay only $85 of the bill because she wasn't 100% sure on the fit when we left and asked us to come back in two weeks.
When we went back, we were able to find the correct lenses and "contact fitting gal" informed me that my bill was just $110 to be paid in full that day. No I didn't keep my mouth shut. With a smile I informed her that I had already paid the $85 and should only have $25 left to pay.
As much as I tried, I couldn't keep her eyes from rolling back in her head as she told me that I was mistaken and aparently shy a few marbles for believing such a falsehood. The $110 was for the fitting only and not for the doctor.

What did I do?...
I paid it.
I remember that feeling of being rescued from life with glasses and I wanted my daughter to have that freedom.
However, as best as I could convey my opinions about the situation without embarassing my daughter or making her feel guilty for money spent, I let that gal know that I didn't appreciate being misinformed. I told her that her team needed to get their facts straight and not take advantage of customers and they certainly needed to become more professional so that customers could actually respect them.
Yeah really........then I paid with a smile and walked out.
As I left, I could see the steam coming out from "contact fitting gal's" ears as she thought I had nerve to speak with such an obnoxious air.

I then made sure to tell all of my friends in need of contacts how annoying she was and they should go to a different office.

Now I must blush......
After we got back from vacation a couple of days ago.......there was a refund check in the mail from said place for paying $85 too much on our bill.
I was so happy to see that, relieved that I did in fact understand correctly, thankful that the money could go back into the account.........
Then I wrestled. Did I want to go down there and with all sincerity say thank you for being observant and honest? No. I just wanted to march down there and shove it in her face and say, "ha! you thought you knew it all and couldn't let anyone tell you otherwise. Look at this.....the accounts department caught your mistake and I am justified!"

Honestly, I am still wrestling. I have to call her in the next couple of days to get the final prescription written out. I have been stalling because I am not ready to suck it up and be the bigger and more mature person that I know God wants me to be.
I am human....
definately not perfect.....

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