Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You May Now Call Me Super Girl

Granted, I don't jump up and down with excitement about driving into the north part of town, but I am capable of doing it. My intstinct is to say that I am not a metro-city-girl, but if you throw a challenge at me that the downtown streets, traffic, and interesting people are a daunting task.....I will stick out my chest everytime and accept the challenge without even quaking in my boots.
Bearing that in mind, I jumped up this morning and headed straight into freeway traffic to be early for my training class.
There were no accidents, no wrong turns, no panic attacks. I did just great. Aside from having to drive around the building three times to find the entrance to the parking with all of those one way streets....there is nothing to make my story interesting.

Incidentaly, if you ever find yourself choking, having protruding broken bones, or in a state of cardiac distress......have no fear for I am now newly re-certified in adult, child, and infant cpr as well as first aid.
My friend and I took classes today from 8:30am - 4:30pm learning all we could from young Francisco, who looked no more than 24 years old but had a personal experience for each situation discussed. I walked out of class with perfect scores on each test taken, 2 certification cards, and a head pounding with a swirling array of knowledge.
It is like brain washing and I am exauhsted and stressed about it all now.
I was watching a movie with my family tonight and when a situation arose on the screen that showed a character passing out.....I jumped and said "Wait! First assess the situation and make sure the area is safe!"
I guess Francisco is definately a good teacher.

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