Saturday, August 4, 2007


I have started and re-started this posting 5 times and keep scratching it out. Everything I am typing on this subject seems arrogant. So here I am to just say this....

I may be totally biased but I just have to say......

My girls and their friends are SO wonderful!
My house has been full these past 24 hours with 6 giggling teens ranging from ages 14-16 years. They are all beautiful and good natured, creative and ingenious, AND they spend their time NOT absorbed in issues of make-up, fashion, malls, and boys!
After they ate banana pancakes and scrabbled eggs this morning, they donned war paint and loaded their ammo pouches for a day of imaginary recon missions on the butte.

Here is the clincher.......
their guns are pvc pipe and their marshmallows.
It just doesn't get any more fun that this.


  1. Man! If only we had pvc-pipe guns for shooting mini marshmellows instead!

    Somehow things would be simpler. Sticky for sure, yet more simple.

  2. You know, I have to admit though, when I was watching them play, I thought wouldn't it be fun to have a lighter at the end of the tube so that the marshmellows are a bit sticky and gooey as they hit their target?

  3. Amazing are you for having 6 giggling teens in your home at one time. Amazing are our girls who I wish I could have grown up with when I was a child.


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