Wednesday, September 26, 2007

See You At The Pole....

Today is: "See You at the Pole" day.

When I first heard of this day, it brought images to my mind of voting and filling out ballots. However, this day is actually about something entirely different. It is not political, but a matter of the heart.

What It Is: This is a time where youth who have a heart for Jesus Christ are encouraged to meet around their school flagpole before morning classes begin.

The Goal: to metaphorically (and physically if they want to) link arms together in encouragement to
1) pray for their school and classmates
2) pray for their teachers
3) pray for their city
4) pray for the nation
5) pray for each other

My daughter, Pippin, asked me to stay this morning and take pictures of the event. It was so encouraging for me to watch these kids, I counted 15 of them, stand up for their belief system. (I never had courage to do such a thing when I was that age.)
They sang songs of praise to God, shared their favorite Bible passages, told inspiring stories, and prayed.

Thank you Lord God.

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  1. My daughter goes to the largest public high school in Oregon, I was pleased to hear her share that many of her fellow classmates participated in this event at her high school. It warmed her heart to see kids show up that she may never have noticed on a regular day...


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