Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I heard this morning that today is National Knock-Knock-Joke Day. It also happens to be Halloween. Hmmm knock-knock jokes have never been quite my style. I am more of the pun in cheek type of gal. And while getting gobs of candy in my orange plastic bucket was a climactic event to look forward to as a kid, celebrating celtic emotionally unstable goddesses doesn't appeal to the adult days I live in.

Instead, I have something more important to celebrate. Today is my "Rosie's" 14th birthday. As I sit here this morning eating a warm cinnamon roll (a Rosie birthday tradition) and she is sleeping in (another tradition), I find myself thinking back to her entering our lives. Every parent does it. Every mom looks back to those precious babyhood times and thinks of the growing and nuturing that has taken place; the cute smiles, knowing glaces, and times shared. Dads too reel back and forth between memories of that tiny 8 pound creation fitting in the crook of his arm and seeing all too soon into the future of her dating, boys and men giving her a look over (and he knows exactly what they are thinking as he contemplates going to jail to protect her safety).

My Rosie....she has always been a blessing. From the moment she was created, we knew she was strong and had purpose. The small tropical island we lived on at the time made for many issues during my pregnancy. Storm watches, typhoons, and atmospheric pressure created a need for lots of doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and belly shaking to make sure she was alive and thriving. Once she was born, we learned quickly her character style that would make an impression on everyone around her. She adored her older siblings and followed them everywhere, but at the same time wanted to make sure she could prove herself and do things her own way. From the beginning we could see that her mind thought literally, systematically, creatively, and with compassion for all things.

Now at 14 years old, her paintings line our walls. She has learned to generate a cash flow for herself by selling her prints. Her self inspired music vibrates through our home as she creates new beats on her drum and sound combinations on the electric piano. Her clothing even reflects her individual style as she puts outfits together that totally work for her and no one else. At 14 years old, she and I are experiencing that new growth in our relationship that happens as children mature. We are able to discuss things spiritual, political, and personal that happen around us and I find is incredibly exciting.

She looks at the world with excitement and eyes of adventure. As we were shopping last night for birthday outfits she said, "Tomorrow is going to be so cool Mom. With the youth group costume party and everything is like the whole world is celebrating my birthday!"

Though I see her giftings, talents, and abilities are starting to really poke through, I don't know where she will be yet in the next 6 years. I do know though....with motherly pride completely in front of me.....she will put 100% into whatever she does. She will seek God's purpose in her life and will bless everyone around her.

I thank God for the joy and experience of being her Mom.

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  1. My my my,,,, 14 already? I remember the first time I met Rosie, she was on your lap drinking a bottle at 2 or 3 years old. How lucky are we all to know this special young lady. Happy Birthday!!! Hugs from Ms. Wendy :)


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