Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Book By Its Cover....

Do you ever happen to notice my book list? I read more than some but less than others and thought that the some might find my Page Turners section mildly interesting.
If you didn't notice, that is okay.
If you did notice, you may be wondering about the newest one titled Captivating. There is an interesting story for me behind that book....and as usual.....a humbling piece of pie.

My dear, sweet, musical friend came to me a few weeks ago and said, "I am reading a book right now that you have GOT to read. It is totally changing my outlook on life. I wish I would have read this book when I was first married. As a matter of fact, I am going to get you the book and I won't take no for an answer. You must read it."

Emmediately the warning bells went off in my head. 'Ugh!' I thought. 'Another book that will condemn me and tell me about all of the things I am doing wrong as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. Give me a break. I am happy that YOU like it but I don't have time to beat myself up anymore than I already do. Maybe she will just forget about it as time goes on.'
Yeah my red hair was flaring some internal attitude. Shame on me.
Friend, if you read this, again I am sorry.
Sunday she came up to me with a big smile and plopping book bag
in my hands said, "Here you go. Just read it and you will
Again shame on me for I mumbled attitude......apologized for
being an ungrateful jerk 10 minutes later......and then
brought the book home.

I let it stare at me all through the evening. Then the voice in my head rang out with reason. Quietly it said, 'You can't judge the book unless you at least open it. Afterall you DO trust your friends right?'

So here I am to say, I am just two chapters into it now and I really do like it. It is not a book that conveys the 10 steps of a happy marriage or how to measure up to the infamous Proverbs 31 woman. It is a no-condemnation book that speaks to the heart of women...what we think and feel...without the psychiatric couch feeling. I actually found myself at a 6th grade basketball game today wishing I could inconspicuously read more of it without hurting our young friend's feeling at her first game. I even scanned out the first chapter and emailed it to another friend.

What will I find as I go deeper into it? I don't know. For now, I am excited with what I am reading.....
and proud of myself for not judging a book by its cover.

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  1. Humble pie is always hard to chew, but it's amazing how good it tastes after you've swallowed it.

    Your honesty in your thoughts is nice to hear.

    BTW yeah for you for getting a break and being able to enjoy Sunday service.


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