Monday, January 7, 2008

This And That...

My head was on my pillow, all ready to settle in for the night. I had been fighting off a cold and refused to admit that it might be winning it's temporary lodging status. I looked forward to the 1/4 dose of a sleeping pill I swallowed to take effect. That dose usually proved to be just the right amount, not enough to make me zombee status but enough to take the edge off my muscles and thoughts.

Heavy coughing was proving more victorious. So I lay there thinking, and as thoughts do, mine were all over the place. I thought of writing and time travel, wonderful french gardens and how cool it would be to find a bag of money, unspoken resolutions and the blessings of moving on. I even had my new french music cd running through my head. Since they don't have the lyrics written out, I absently wondered if I was singing the words correctly by ear. Wouldn't it be funny if instead of singing, "I would like some green sun in my winter garden." I was really saying something absurd like, "My cow wears red boots in the night air."?

Eventually my thoughts fell back to blessings and how they turn up in places where they are least expected, like running into an old friend on the corner. Like this for example...

Yesterday, we finally checked our snail-mailbox and I found a thank you card and gift card to my favorite bookstore from our dentist and his secretary. When we were last in for our check ups a few weeks ago, they were learning a new (to them) program on their computer and it was causing much headache. I happened to know the basics of it and offered my help. I didn't think I was doing anything majorly important, merely a friend helping a friend. And frankly, it was the same morning I had found out about my step-mom dying, so it was a nice mental distraction for me to leave my thought circle of emergency flight plans and re-arranging Christmas tradtitions.

I don't know....I didn't expect anything and it shocked me.
Maybe that is what makes it so special.
It was a nice thing to fall asleep to.


  1. Reciprocal kindness, isn't that great?

    I was able to do a pay it forward thing a few weeks ago. I wonder where it has gone to now. It's kind of cool to think it might still be getting passed along.

  2. No wonder, you're an angel flying above all of us.

  3. That's a really lovely gift to receive, and for them to be thinking about you. I had something similar happen a couple of weeks ago, one of my photos was used by someone, I was just really excited that it had been selected, and they sent me a gift afterwards!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Jeff...isn't it so cool to just do nice things? I get so much of a thrill in blessing someone.

    Kitem...awe (blushing here) I can tell by your blogging that you take special joy in blessing people too. wonderful. Was it the spiderweb with dew picture? That one was really amazing. I also really like your ice by the window with the texture.


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