Friday, January 11, 2008


I awoke to the radio voice saying this...

New scientific studies have now shown that the same gene that causes red hair also causes that person to have a higher than average threshold for pain.

Haa haa! It makes perfect sense to me as I envision myself with a superhero emblem on my chest and a cape flowing in the wind.

Okay, in reality-ville, I figure God did that for a very good reason. See, us red-heads also have sensitivities that most others don't have.
For example, I am a phlebotomist's nightmare. My veins are very deep and when accosted by a needle, they not only roll but they also constrict and pull away.
Medication usually has an adverse affect on me. If it is supposed to make me sleepy, 10 to 1 I will be wired.
I also have to really suck it up to go to the dentist. My dentist once told me that he wrote in my chart that I am a "tense patient" to work with because I white knuckle my hands together across my stomach and close my eyes while focusing on my breathing. I just laughed and told him that no matter how many shots he gives me, I still have excruciating phantom pains that never get found. So really, he is lucky I don't just stand up in the chair and deck him.
These days, he says I am a really good patient. study.


  1. I am a good girl now, as I have lots of practice with people sticking needles in me, but when I was younger the dentist used to have to gas me to get me into the chair as I was so scared!!!

  2. Mima...I am so sorry things used to be that way for you. I am glad it is better now. Thank you for your smile this morning.


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