Friday, January 18, 2008

You Make My Day Award...

What a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning! Dear Kitem complimented me with this blogger award. I never thought I would be blessed like that for simply saying what I think and feel. On her blog she wrote, "Jules, pour sa joie vivre." Translated as best as I could, it says, "Jules, for her joyful/delightful living." That truly blesses me.

The award rules say: "Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

I must confess, though I do spend an enormous amount of time on the computer, I don't think I can fulfill the "10 people" rule. Here are the blogs (in random order) of friends in my personal world and my cyber world that I have come to cherish and enjoy stopping by to see their creative flow of things. From me, they too get this "You Make My Day Award".

Gene - His blog is titled Turning The Pages of Life. Gene is an interesting fireman guy that loves the outdoors and everything hunting. I've never met him personally but his sense of humor and flare for saying what he feels usually leaves me in fun agreement.

Jeff - His blog is titled A Word in Edgewise. I met Jeff via blogland thru a mutual friend and have come to find him a charming and witty guy. He uses his blog as an outlet for pictures, opinions, story writing, and personal experiences. He seems to always be ready with an encouraging comment and that I really appreciate. He is also Gene's brother so it is interesting to see the same under current flowing in their sites.

Becky - This blog is titled My Blue Castle. Becky is the daughter of a dear friend of mine. I have only met her once, but I was emmediately taken by her sweet smile and genuine character. You can't leave comments on her blog, but if you give her site a visit, you will be blessed with her sincere attitude on life as she sees it.

Being Five - This is a really cute site that makes me chuckle everytime I visit. I came across it one day because it had been given the "Blogger of the Day Award". If I am understanding right, it is a blog done by a kid (I don't know how old her is) with voice recognition software. It is always sweet with a bend in child-like humor.

Kitem - Her blog is titled A Garden in France. I stumbled onto her site while wanting to improve on my limited french skills and have found her to be a wonderful blessing. She teaches me so many things of life in France and Malaysia. Her style is rich in history, experience, and heart as she shares in her daily life.

Kevin - This self titled site, Kweckisms, is developed by my long time high school friend. He is the one who encouraged me and dared me (though he probably didn't view it that way) to start blogging. Kevin has a comical thought process that leaves me with a smile on my face. Sometimes his stories are 'colorful' but they are honest. His Dave Barry/Calvin and Hobbes/here is my life in the 21st century way of writing is a fun experience.

Mima - I came across Mima's Doings a short time ago and have found her to be an inspiring gem. Mima is a girl my age, living in England, who finds joy in daily living, family, the beauty around her, and photography as she writes and shares in her daily trials of having Multiple Sclerosis.

Trek4Fun - This is my best friend. Over the years we have been labeled as "obvious sisters" by onlookers and aquaintances. We both say that we count ourselves as priviledged to be so much like each other. And yet still we are so different. You will find her blog site to be a great place of all things outdoor sports in the great NW. (Doesn't sound like me at all huh?) She writes about her huge love for being outside and finding beauty and exhileration in biking, snowshoeing, kayaking, traveling, and especially her wonderful daughter.

Kitem, thank you for the blessing this morning.


  1. Thank you for the note/award of encouragement, Julie-Julie! You're awesome yourself!

  2. Jules,

    Thanks for the award and kind words. I'll see if I can put it in my side bar, but if you don't see it there please know I tried. If it requires anything more complex than a copy and paste I can't guarantee anything. I'm not the most computer savvy guy on the planet.

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting me! I have direct links to Stampington & Company on the side bar. They sell my first two lines of rubber stamps, and I am just preparing to release my third line now! Thanks so much for your interest!
    Sandra Evertson

  4. Jules, thank you so much for my award, and for my lovely write up! It has really put a smile on my face after a rubbish couple of days.

    How interesting that the award has gone through the Chinese Whispers system in its travels, when I received it the other day it was supposed to be passed on to two other people, rather than 10!!! I wonder how it started, and what it started out as!

  5. Ooh Jules darling you're so sweet, sure I don't deserve such kind words, you are a true blessing I am so lucky that you stumbled upon my garden. Must be the hand of God.

  6. Thanks Julie! You are awfully sweet!! Sorry I won't let anyone leave comments...I like it that way :)


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