Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Read It, Seen It, Heard It....

Perspectives are so interesting. Two people can read, watch, and/or hear the exact same anything and walk away with a different view of what happened. Our lives and experiences weave who we are. Because of that, whatever our view is of any given situation, it is slanted to our own personal "selfish" gain. No really. It is true. It is the way we were made in a fallen world. I am not saying it to point fingers of shame. It is just what it is and it is the way we all work.

I was talking with someone the other day about a situation and as we talked...their perspective came out. It was a perspective that I had never thought of before and had to wonder how one could ever come to such a conclusion. Their perspective vs. my perspective. So close and yet so far apart.

Is there any way to escape it? know....those slanted but personal perspectives.

For me, it is only when I totally and completely give up those experiences, those slanted view points.....hand them over to God......give up all the distortions, misconceptions, and ugliness that I even have a chance at looking at things without those "rose colored glasses".

Am I pointing this out because I get it right?
Not a majority of the time...not even half the time.....I could safely say somewhere around a fraction of the time do I hit the mark. It is a daily chore to remember to give things over to God....and a daily joy to know that He is always there to listen and give aid. Somewhere amidst my fumbling and surrendering; I find HIS perspective.
His perspective is so much better than anything I could even imagine or compare to. His perspective makes everything else wash away.


  1. We do all see things very differently, and sometimes someone else's point of view can be a stretch too far for us, and other times it is a welcome break in something that has been troubling us. I have a counsellor that comes to see me regularly, and I find that talking things over with her often makes things come clear and puts them into a way I hadn't seen and wish that I had.

  2. are so right. It is amazing what having a "sounding board" can do to dispell the thoughts that circle in our minds. Usually what seemed so big in the thought process turns out to be a small little dust ball.

    Sandra...thank you for stopping by. Yes Lani is too cute. Though I know I could never be literally replaced, she has become the tiny apple of my mom's eye. I don't blame her one bit. Who could not love a thing like that.
    Your profile says that you create rubber stamps. I'd love to see them as I really enjoy using stamps myself.

  3. What you write is so true, and it is always interesting to compare other people view.

    I was given the "You Make My Day Award" and I am now passing it to you. Please visit my blog to collect it.


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