Saturday, February 9, 2008

Plan B...

Well, we have had several stumbling blocks in preparing for the youth snow day. Amazingly, though the bus barn will let us rent a bus for a mountain trip, they don't want their equipment in the snow..............I am not going to touch that one.
So, I started arranging things for a carpool. However, there are so many of our leaders that are sick right now, my husband and I would be the only ones available for the day. No matter how skilled we are, we just can't transport 30 kids up to the mountain slopes on our own.

Plan B....Our house is going to be open today for games, movies, and food.
It is a beautiful day and I think we will have a ton of fun. I wonder if letting all the youth jump on our trampoline is a recipe for disaster. haa haa...

You might be wondering about the miracle of the clothes that were provided the other day? We aren't giving up on the idea. We will just reschedule the snow day for our March fun.


  1. Hey Jules, I came to your blog a few time and didn't notice you had updated! sorry not to let you any comment, sunshine is very important for health, physical and mental, we are all happy to see the sun back after winter.
    However sun here in Malaysia is scorching, the heat intense, I still like sunshine.

  2. Really sorry to hear that all the plans fell through, good luck on the new plan, and I hope that you have a fantastic day.


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