Friday, February 15, 2008

Then and Now.....

Being two years older, "Pippin" loved being the big sister. She exercised her authority in all matters resembling big sisterhood. Little "Rosie" looked up to her big sister and absorbed all that she could. They share enough of the family blended genes that they have often been mistaken for twins. They always thought it was funny and complimentary There was even a time period when they wanted to dress alike just to have the extra advantage in confusing people.
Over the years, there have been definite times when they got on each others nerves, wanted space and individuality. But despite those speed bumps, they have always been each others' cheering squad. Early on, they saw each other's differences, strengths, and view points and learned to respect and appreciate their uniqueness.


13 years later, they constantly amaze me. They have different tastes in clothing and style. One prefers being a quiet observer while the other is quick to grab the microphone and say whatever comes to mind. One loves to listen to soft music and sit in the solitude of nature while the other jumps for joy at music with tons of drumming and roller coasters are the best way to relax.
Yes, outwardly they are different as night and day. But inside, they mirror each other in every way. They are both compassionate and sensitive. They would do anything to help a person in need and they both consider spending time with God to be a highlight of their day.
Yes, I am a proud mama.
I love my girls and wouldn't trade being a mom for anything under the sun.


  1. What a lovely post, and how wonderful to have two such beautiful girls that you are very proud of.

  2. Mima...thank you so much. I love them so much, sometimes I think my heart will burst.

  3. I love my girls and wouldn't trade being a mom for anything under the sun OF COURSE!!! bring a mum is the most beautiful gift of God in our life, I tahnk Him as much as I can for my wonderful children. Yours were cute little girls and are now beautiful teeagers, I also love their delicious names, Pippin and Rosie.


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