Monday, March 31, 2008


We were at a baby shower, of all things. I have never been much of a game player but the games were fun, as far as games go. Then the hostess said, "The buffet is open. Please help yourself to the goodies."
As ladies tend to do, no one wanted to be the first to the table. Ladies think that it might insinuate that they are actually hungry or enjoy food a bit too much. Again the hostess made a table call. This time, Kelly Ann and I looked at one another with an expression of 'let's start a new trend'. We jumped up and started sampling everything as we hovered around the yummies proclaiming goodness all around.

That was how Kelly Ann and I met. Since that time we have often teased about being each other's 'eating buddy'. But really, she is so much more than that to me. Kelly has been a huge blessing in my life in the 6 and half years that we have known one another. Her insight, hugs, and great sense of humor always puts a smile on my face.

Now Kelly is starting a new venture...blogging! She is simply too wonderful to not share. So, drop by her place, appropriately titled Inside The Garden of my Heart, when you get opportunity. I guarantee you will be blessed.


  1. Just been for a visit, well worth the trip!

  2. My dear friend I hadn't read your blog in a couple of days. I guess you weren't as subtle as I thought :o) you went and the told the world I was here. Oh my. I am a blessed woman to have you as a friend and yes we are more than "eating buddies" I am lost without you!

  3. Kelly sweet friend, I must ask your forgiveness in not asking your permission first. Your stuff is just too good to not share and let people know you are here.

  4. Jennifer, Quilly, and Mima....I knew you would be blessed. Thank you for trusting my recommendation. Kelly is a sweetie that always brings sunshine wherever she goes.


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