Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break...

"Rosie-girl" and I got back from the coast tonight. With every day and season being a new adventure, this trip proved just that. Though it is almost April and spring flowers are showing their brilliance everywhere, the weather was a bit more wintery than usual.

Unlike my last trip, I wasn't able to get out and do the regular exploring that the outdoor beauty calls for. The sun and storm clouds played a juggling act that meteorologists labeled as the biggest winter storm of the year. Sun, rain, hail, and snow...we witnessed it all at the coast.
Wonderfully, our hosts were able to put us up for one more night. I could have squared my shoulders and bravely tackled the roads in the pass, but it was so much more nice to sit and visit with our friends.
In between cloud shows, the sun would pop out with a determination
to shine and warm thing up.

I loved the colors in the sky when the sun and clouds
battled it out during sunset on the horizon.

After my bags were packed this afternoon, the sky cleared enough for me to try
and fit in one last walk before the drive home.

Here is another set of clouds rolling onto Haystack Rock. I stood there watching the beauty in front of me with my sun at my backside...and completely forgot that those clouds were headed my way.

As I was trying unsuccessfully to outwalk those storm clouds, I came across this little creation. As the hail pounded into my backside and the sun shone in my eyes, I had to stop and snap a quick picture. I don't know who built it, but I bet they saw the clouds a good ten minutes before me and smartly headed for shelter.


  1. Your cloudy pictures are fabulous and gorgeous. The weather wasn't that great but your pictures are.

  2. Oregon in Spring and you didn't expect rain?

    My sister lived in Newport for years and my brother still does. One can see the most spectacular sunsets off of those beaches.

    We just got back from holiday, too. We went to "The Big Island" and did some turtle watching. I hope, despite the rain your vacation was a wonderful as mine.

  3. I love the variety of photos you've posted! Especially the odd dramatic one of the truck in the road during the rain.


  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time weather or not! I always love a good storm, I think it makes the skies so much more interesting than clear blue, but I do enjoy the heat when I can get it too! Great photos, and glad you had fun with your friends.

  5. Kitem...I am so glad you enjoyed. Though the weather didn't cooperate with my desire to walk and explore, it is fun to see the changes.

    Quilly..I should have known better I know. It is just that February was so fantastic and the weather here has been so cordial, well I pushed too much.
    Turtle watching? That sounds like a giggle but interesting thing to do. Big turtles or little ones? I am anxious to read all about your trip.

    Kevin...Glad you liked the photos. The odd dramatic one, that was actually when I got stuck by the theatre playhouse. The weather was rain,sleet, hail, and then snow when I snapped that picture.

    Mima...I really do love storms too. I love the sounds and the ways that the sky changes. In the midwest area of the our country, the summer storms are so thrilling as lightning shoots color from cloud to cloud. When we lived in Oklahoma years ago, Hubby and I used to sit in chairs with the garage door up and a bowl of popcorn just to watch it all.

  6. BTW...if you are curious, the weather was so 'all over the place' that whale watching was not a reality. Our group did their time that they had signed up for but mostly sat in the car because of the conditions. Visitors that came by proclaimed they saw so many whales, but we suspect it was a combination of their enthuziasm and the violent white capped waters.

  7. I loves me the coast!

    We were just talking about a trip to Fort Stevens later this year.

    Thanks for sharring you adventure with us.

  8. Jeff...I hear that Fort Stevens is always a good adventure. For years I have not been a huge fan of camping, but now that the kiddos are so good at taking care of themselves these days, maybe I shall try it out again in the future.

  9. I love these pictures, especially the ones of the clouds and the rock creation at the end. It looks like, despite the bad weather, you had a good trip.

    I miss the beach. *sniff*

  10. Welcome back, Jules. I hope you had a great Easter.

    Some lovely shots on this post. My absolute favourite is the one showing the giant sweep of the beach. That says it all.

    Thank you for the warm, generous comment on my Photo Hunt post. You said: ``Thank you for helping to make my novice picture-taking even more enjoyable''.

    Simple fact is, Jules, we were all novices once. And if my advice and guidance is of some help, that is a great reward because you in turn will guide someone else one day.

    Enjoy your weekend


  11. Those are gorgeous photos, Jules!! I love taking pictures of's so perfect just as it is!

  12. You know Jules here is Oregon they say there is no bad day at the coast. I love your pictures!

  13. Jennifer...I am sorry that you miss the beach. Though Arizona is different, I do love admiring what you have over there. We will jsut have to keep exchanging pictures together to see the beauty around one another.

    David...thank you for your encouragement. You are so right. We all have to start at the beginning and grow from there.

    Mary...You know, I have to laugh because sometimes I feel like I am cheating when I take nature pictures. I figure, God already did such a great job there is really no way for me to horridly mess up the shot. But then, I am grateful for the beauty and the learning curve it gives.

    Kelly...I am glad you liked the pictures. How true it is. They say, if you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes.
    As long as I have a jacket close by and sun screen on my face, I am happy with whatever adventure the weather brings.

  14. oh now *this* is where i want to live. within eye-shot of *these* photos. wow. wow wow wow.

  15. Holly...Glad you enjoyed the shots. Maybe THIS should be your next family vacation trip, eh?


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