Sunday, April 27, 2008

Never Say Never.....and Champoeg Park.....

I'm back and feeling great! Praise God! Gosh how grateful I am to feel energy to do things....and just in time too. It has been quite an adventure packed weekend with teen and family stuff going on every hour of the day.

Why was I so sickly? It turned out to be the new "supplement", a prescription from my doctor. (You were right Quilly and my blogger family. Thank you for your cheers of encouragement.) All of those 'rare side effects' built up and tried to have fun over a period of time. I think we have it all figured out now because I feel great.

I learned something about myself while being sick. I learned never to say never. I didn't learn it from anything like, 'I'll never eat jello again' or 'I'll never sleep so much again' or even 'I'll never watch a whole season of Smallville in one sitting again'. Instead, my never say never was based on a pre-sick statement.....'I'll never leave the house in pajamas.' I know, it is silly. All last week I took "Pippin" to school while wearing my big coat over my pajamas....and I didn't care.

So, enough about last week.

We had a picnic this afternoon at Champoeg Park with the in-laws. It was a great way to round out the weekend. The skies gave us a reprieve from the chilly rainy weather and let the sun warm our faces ever so gently.

My hubby and I took a wonderful walk along the water front. My heart filled with gladness as I listened to the waters bubble and the birds sing their sweet songs. I inhaled deeply and could not get enough of the spring smells that abound. Here in the northwest during this time of year, the air is filled with a mixture of blossoms, pines, firs, and blackberry buds. As last year's leaves mix with the earth and the sun gently warms it all together, the fragrance carries memories made and ones yet to be shared.

Here is a memory made today that will be thought of for a long time to come.

This little guy must be quite used to being fed around the picnic tables. He felt so 'at home' with us that he climbed up onto "Rosie's" tummy to eat his lunch of potato chips.

No cropping or zoom lens here. He was so friendly that I was able to lay on the ground with some food in front of me and click away with my camera.


(personal note: David at Authorblog honored me a 'blog of the day honorable mention' for this post. It is a humble honor!)


  1. I have some similar photos of peacocks. I couldn't believe they just walked right up to me and stayed (I had no food)! I will be sharing the photos when I get to the P section of my alphabet posts. I guess that will be May 16th. (A is May 1.)

    As to the other -- I am so glad you are feeling better. I know you must be very relieved.

  2. Oh my - is this little guy too cute or what! Can we keep him!!! Please!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the nice weather this weekend and that you are feeling better. Love you bunches!!!

  3. Jules, really pleased to hear that you are feeling better, life takes a different turn when you aren't feeling well doesn't it!! I have ended up doing things that I never thought I would as well. It's funny though as they start to seem normal after a while - I mean fancy leaving your hair that long between washes - there is something I never would have done before!

    The squirrel is wonderful, so tame, not the day to have forgotten your camera!

  4. RHAAAAAH I am happy to see you back, it's a great news, I was worrying a little.
    What a nice and friendly fellow, such a cutie.
    Never never go out in pyjamas, but nevers don't last! lol

  5. Quilly...I am looknig forward to your Peacock pictures. You always take some really good shots.

    Trek...Keep him?! giggle was so cute when he stood up on his hind legs and tapped my arm for more food.

    Mima...not that my temporary sickness even compares a fraction of an ounce to what you deal with, but I found myself thinking of your spoon story alot last week. I had to choose when to move and how much energy to use because I knew it would make me sleep for an hour or two.
    It left me thinking even more what an amazing woman you are.

    Kitem...the wide little hips of that little squirrel was a sure sign that a winter of park visitors had not left him lacking.
    Yes going out in my pjs....gosh I never ever thought I would be so lazy as to do that. I had fleeting moments of "what ifs and car accidents" but they didn't outweigh the thought of having to get dressed. Too funny.
    I am sorry I worried you.

  6. He looks like a short eared rabbit in that last shot. I guessing he doesn't miss too many meals.

    Glad to see you back and hear that you're doing better.

  7. Glad you're up and running again! That looks like one happy squirrel for sure.

    Way cuter than Jeff.

  8. I am SO jealous!!! How I would LOVE to have that little guy all over me!!! <3
    At our old apartment we had a squirrel who'd come over that we named "Lovey." He was incredibly affectionate with just us...sat on our laps, love his head to be rubbed on, liked to play around, curled up on our living room floor, would even ride on my pants leg if I was walking to our storage room and back. It was incredible. He never dared to go near anyone else. I miss him terribly.

  9. Jeff...yeah that suirrel and his friends were all quite plump. I agree, funny how his ears looked so laid back in the last photo.

    Gene...thanks for the hello. Hopefully you will get to do your fishing very soon eh?

    Mary...oh my goodness you had quite a little friend there. That sounds like some special bonding.

  10. Hope you keep getting stronger, Jules. Enjoyed the photographs - gee, he was really tame!

  11. I absolutely adore these pictures, what a treat for both of you (quite literally)...thanks for dropping by my blog for a friends are ALWAYS welcome ~ good day to you ~

    Joni @ MC

  12. David...I am doing so much better thank you. Yes the squirrels were super tame. At first I was worried about getting bit and contracting some awful thing, but they were so disarming that I couldn't help but fall a little bit in love.

    Joni...I am so glad you dropped by. You are welcomed to visit any time. I am so glad the pictures brought you a smile.

  13. Jules- Hello Neighbor! (I live in Seattle, WA) What an adorable post! I love the photos! Nice job!

    I found you from David ;)

  14. Neighbor glad that you could come by for a visit. I looked thru your profile, my goodness are so serious about the limburger and tupperware? haa haa. I look forward to cruising around your place for a visit.

  15. A whole season of Smallville!! Nice to know there is another fan out there!

  16. Glad you're feeling better, and congrats on the recognition over at David's. You deserve it. The photos of the little squirrel are precious. Way to go!

  17. Those photographs of the squirrel are beautiful and brought a smile to my face. Defintely something you'll always remember.

    (From David's site too)

    Best Wishes,

  18. Aims...yes I must admit to being a goofy sci-fi fan. I am not able to sit and watch shows every week though, so I rent them.

    Carolyn...thank's for the congrats. Aren't these little guys fun? I couldn't get over his chubby cheeks.

    Zathyn...I am so glad you came by and that these little chubby food lovers brought a smile to your face. New friends are always welcome.

  19. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Sometimes the side effects of medications can be worse than the condition they're supposed to "fix".

    Those squirrel pictures are the cutest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing them. Talk about fat little cheeks. Omigosh!

  20. Jules, just checking in to make sure that you are ok as you haven't posted in a bit. Really hope that the lurgy hasn't raised its ugly head again, and that you have just been super busy.

  21. Josie...hi there. Glad you were able t stop by for a visit. I am feeling better now. It sure was goofy but at least it wasn't the dreaded "man cold" eh? sorry to have made you worry. How wonderful you are to check up on me. I have been chasing nmyself in circles it seems.

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