Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's In Your Wallet...

"Mom! You will never guess what happened! Guess! Can I just tell you because you will never guess!"

That was the greeting I received a couple of nights ago upon returning from a meeting. My "Rosie-girl" had gone with some friends after church to a younger sibling's birthday party. Something very out of the norm for a birthday party must have happened to get her that excited because she isn't one to get all worked up easily. So I set my things down, held her hands, and enjoyed the story weaving ride that spilled out before me.

While at the party, the grandpa of the celebrated youth came over to my girl and introduced himself. He then asked her an odd question. "What is the most trendy and popular shoe that teens are wearing these days and how much do they cost?"

She stuttered around a bit and stated that her figuring led her to believe that Converse were the most popular but as to the price, she was at a loss.

Mr. Grandpa then said this to her. "God and I have just been talking over there on the other side of the room and He wants me to give you this $60 that I have in my pocket. It is yours to do with however you please."

"Rosie-girl" was awe struck, as was I upon listening to the events, and she stuttered about with it not being necessary.....and how does one accept an unsolicited gift with ease?
He assured her that it was a gift with no strings attached and it would please him greatly for her to receive the blessing.

Then my girl, with tears in her eyes, became bold. She said that the youth group was getting ready to attend a city wide conference at the end of the month and that one of the new girls wanted desperately to go but couldn't afford it. She then asked if it was okay with him if she donated the money, which was the exact amount that the girl needed, to be able to attend. "Rosie-girl" said that she had been praying with this friend for the last week that something would happen.

Again, Mr. Grandpa stated that it was her money to do with as she pleased. "But", he said, "If you are going to donate the whole thing, I want to give you another $20 so that your pocket is not empty at the end of the day."
They hugged and cried and enjoyed the rest of the party, each treasuring their special moment.

I have been thinking about this story so much ever since she told me and each time I dwell on it, I come away with new revelations.
  • first, my heart swells with pride and humbleness that she would instantly choose to give the money away. I must admit (a bit sheepishly) that my initial thought about the money was to be able to pay for her own admission to the event. Blessing someone else didn't even occur to me.
  • I am so grateful that she is excited in wanting to step out in her security, her beliefs, and her desires. Being 14 can be tough and she had quietly struggled over the past year thru the ideas of her future and purpose.
  • I see scriptures being proven again and again in her 21st century story. Each scripture ringing in my head that when we simply step out in obedience, God builds our faith with blessings that abound. He is excited and waiting to bless overflowing. We just have to have the courage to do the stepping.

But that is not the end, because the story is still having a ripple effect on all of us.

I received a call from the hostess of the party, the daughter of this Mr. Grandpa. She wanted to let me know how much they enjoyed having my girl over and what a blessing she was. Mrs. Hostess said that she had just gotten a call from a friend who was in attendance at the party and couldn't get my daughter out of her mind...even days later. At this point, Mrs. Hostess told me that her friend is very much against things of religiosity and doesn't like to even talk about God. However, her friend made it a point of saying, "There is something different about that girl. It is like I can see the love of God in her eyes, face, and heart. She is the real thing."

As a mom, hearing that brought me to serious tears. As parents we all do the best that we can with what we have and we all have our biased views on our children. It just comes with the territory. But to have an outsider spend two hours with my youngest and be so touched.....even now tears are spilling onto my fingers as I type.

"Rosie-girl" keeps coming to me with smiles and giddy revelations that 'something cool' happened to her. I hugged her long and hard today and told her, "See you may feel like you are only 14 and so small compared to this huge world. But even now, everything you do and say can impact people and affect change. You are important and you definitely matter."


  1. Jules, the reason your daughters are the young women that they are is yours and your hubbys input. You lead by example, you mirror the same image that you want them to. That is of your Lord. How awesome He is becoming a reality to them. May you be blessed with more of this.

  2. Ah, it seems that your Rosie girl already knows that what's in her wallet isn't near as important as what's in her heart.

    And this story had tears spilling out of my eyes. God is good.

  3. Oh Jules, what a wonderful story, and I'm not surprised that you are so proud of her, you have every reason to be. What a very generous girl you have to think of her friend that was in difficulty and to go to her aid before any thoughts of herself. Congratulations to you for raising her so well, she sounds amazing.

  4. Even though you won't admit it, your daughter is like her mother, Rosie girl is following partly your footsteps partly her daddy's. I know because it is exactly what you would have done yourself knowing you a little thru your posts.
    Anyway she has great value, yes God is in her heart and she knows it. It is a blessing for a mother to see her little girl with such great abilities.

  5. If I didn't know you, I'd think this was all just a big, sappy story. Old people giving money away to strange girls. And the teen girl deciding to donate the money instead of greedily using it on herself! And then hearing back from the hostess of the party and her God-present description of your daughter!

    I would have to call "Eww!" here.

    However, I know you. And I know how your family is... Thank you for the little nugget of a story! Especially your truth from it.

  6. Kelly...it is so amazing to see softness blossoming in their young adult lives. Your words are so humbling. Thank you my friend.

    Quilly...I am grateful that this story touched you as well. That means that the ripple is still going and you understand a bit of the waves in my heart.

    Jennifer...humbly I thank you. I thin kof your little boy offering the prayer up for your uncle and I know you have these same thoughts.

    Holly...I am so grateful that you liked it.

    Mima...Thank you. Gosh how many times I have learned from my children (and other children) when I thought I was being the teacher.

  7. Kitem...thank you for understanding and coming along side me. You are such an encourager and I appreciate your tender words.

    Kevin...I would have to agree with you. If it wasn't my own story (and hers) I would be fighting back the urge to say "Geez give me a break here".

    Thank you though for knowing me, knowing us, and seeing through the balogna factor.

  8. Kelly Ann said it well, it's you and your husbands influence showing through in her actions. Good for you for instilling such great values in her and good for her for exercising them.


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