Saturday, June 21, 2008

Checking In....

I miss writing.
I do miss being able to sit here at the computer.....creating and weaving my thoughts.
That time will come again.
Tomorrow is the big bake sale fundraiser for the youth. After that I will be preparing all that goes into being the cook for 20 people at youth camp next weekend.
Then things will slow down again. It is all fun and I enjoy it.

For now here are a couple of things that I wanted to be sure to put to paper (I know it is really a keyboard but putting something "to paper" sounds so much more romantic and mysterious.).

The 3 latest card projects I have been working on....because as usual for me...I worry about not having enough.

(enlarge here)

(enlarge here)

(enlarge here)

And then I just have to ring my bell a tiny bit here because I feel so good today. My girlfriend and I stopped at the local big name "Mart" store this morning after a garage sale. My mission was to buy a new pair of pants. Victory was mine and I have been jumping up and down praising God all day long!
Normally I am not one to share numbers because everyone is different and what matters is feeling good and being healthy. But Good Golly Miss Molly.......when I started on track with eating healthy 3 months ago I was in a size 16 pants. Today I am the proud owner of a size 12 that I slid right into without wiggling or sucking in.

I am now totally and completely one third of the way to where my doctor says I need to be.
Yes that is chocolate birthday cake in my hands, courtesy of a sweet and adorable little guy's first birthday. It is all about choices. I allowed myself that little choice today and I don't feel one bit of guilt.


  1. congrats on your weight loss... something i am yet to undertake :(

    those are awesome looking cards!

  2. Thank you Polona. I am smiling big.

  3. sometimes we need to indulge in the "extras" as a payoff for working so hard...the trick is being disciplined enough to realize it is an extra and not a staple...something I've yet to I am proud of you for your accomplishment thus far and I love love love the new cards...let us know if and when you get your etsy shop up and running!

    happy days ~

  4. You look fantastic! I am so proud; you are an inspiration my dear! Glad I got to go with you for the grand purchase of the
    12's. ;)

  5. Big congrats on the weight loss, and I can just imagine the excitement of trying on those new trousers!

  6. Joni...thank you for your encouragement.

    Trek...giggle giggle

    Mima...just ask Trek, I walked in that store with so much dread because I worried I wouldn't be successful. You can imagine how I felt with the success.

    Kelly....Honey you are so beautiful inside and out.


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