Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flowing Waters....

In my younger years, I was always restless around the water. I would hear people comment on how much they loved going to the beach, how they could sit for hours and listen to the waves. Others would comment on the joys of a river setting with the birds singing and brooks babbling. I never understood it. I never found that peace unless I was in a thicket of trees, engulfed in silence and woodland smells. I would challenge myself to sit and enjoy......because that is what I was supposed to do right? I never lasted long though. My youth always pulled me back into the world all too quickly. If I made it a half hour I was doing good. Then it was time to spring up and conquer life again.

These days the world holds a different view for me. I can go for hours walking on the beach, the only thing calling me back to reality would be the pangs of a growling empty stomach.
Any small little beaten down path finds me in search of its secret treasure. I find myself looking around every corner for that new "secret place" to cherish. I love how quickly the city sounds can fade away when a few trees and shrubs make a barrier for me.

Yesterday we went to a local city park for a sweet little guy's first year birthday. In the midst of swing sets, gleeful toddlers, and laughing adults enjoying a barbecue.....I found this little stream just 100 yards away. I walked out on a fallen tree that was draped across the stream and just sat. I watched dragonflies hover and bubbling water glide over the rocks. There was a slight breeze and everything was perfect.
Soon the scene changed and I had 2 little valiant preschool boys exploring next to me and sitting on "my" fallen tree. We talked about streams, bugs, wet sandals, and favorite butterflies.

The dream home in my mind has a stream just like this. It is a place to sit and enjoy, a place to breathe and recount, a place where children can walk around with their butterfly nets and splash in the ankle deep water as they explore and love God's creation all around them.


  1. A peaceful spot should always be welcomed whenever we can find one, and definitely cherished. Although I can't get around like you, sometimes I find that feeling just watching the birds on the feeder, and just for a little while I'm lost to the real world - wonderful. Right now I could do with being able to walk to your stream and have a sit though!!

    Inherit the wind has just arrived, and I am hoping to watch it over the next couple of days!

  2. To me being out in nature is equivalent to being in worship. When I step into the forest, sit next to a creek or river, or walk along the ocean I am in the church God created for himself and it is glorious.

  3. I agree nothing is better than sitting and listening to creation gently speaking. The sounds swallow up all of our problems. And in that moment there is peace.

  4. Mima...I love that you can watch the birds! That too is very peaceful. At times I can get lost in the fly bys that I see out my window. I think no matter where we are at, it is important to recognise the beauty around us.

    I am anxious to hear your thoughts on the movie.

  5. very right you are. It is all worship. It is so overwelming to think that as beautiful as all of this is, it is a pale comparison to what things will be like in heaven.

    Kelly...praise God. You know, when I was sitting on that tree with my little visitor, I was tellnig him that all of these wonderful things God made just to bring us delight. From the flowers and butterflies to the breeze and colors, it is all for our smile and joy...because that is how parents are.

  6. I love moments like what you described...reconnecting with nature does something for the soul every time...and to be able to share it with a youngster is just icing on the cake.


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