Friday, June 6, 2008

Doughnuts Anyone.....

I noticed on my news home page this morning that today is National Doughnut Day. Two things came to mind when I saw that. The first being the idea that we have a special day for everything here in the USA. Do we really need a labeled day for eating super fattening sugar dripping items? But my second thought was more along the lines of memories. I guess I have been thinking memories a lot lately. I am usually a "live in the now" person and don't think about the past so all of these little strolls have been nice.
All through my growing up years, my Portuguese Nana, would make Malasadas. It is a yeast doughnut with a yellow inside and no hole. She would drop it by big spoonfuls into cooking oil. In a matter of maybe two short minutes, the goo would cook and become a brilliant deep golden brown. Then she would dip the finished blob, the size of 2 fists put together, into a pot of thin sugary glaze. Whenever she made these doughnuts, she would create huge batches of it to share with all of the family. Because of that it would be an all day job and the house would smell heavenly for days afterwards. Bags of Malasadas would be in the refrigerator and freezer for our convenient grabbing. As if that wasn't a treat enough, Nana would then take the doughnuts and cut them up into slices. She would then either toast them or fry them in a breakfast pan with a bit of butter.

With my new found thinking on eating more healthy, I have no desire to run out and grab doughnuts today. But with the memories floating around in my mind, I just might ask Nana if she would like some help in making some Malasadas so we can have them again.

(Here is a picture of me with Nana just a couple of months ago. She would flip out and crown me a good one if she knew I posted her picture here. It was one of the rare occasions when she actually allowed her picture to be taken.)

For now though, I need to run to the grocery store and get ingredients for a feast tonight. I am doing the spaghetti and bread thing for everyone. Students and parents are going to be in my living room tonight to watch Inherit the Wind. Have you ever seen it before? A dear friend introduced me to it a couple of years ago and it is now one of my favorites. I haven't told the students much of anything about it. Instead I want them to watch it, feel it, get justifiably angry, and then we will talk about how the pride and arrogance of people applies to us today.


  1. Jules the donuts sound great, and wonderful memories - the donuts that I remember best are those from one of those Disneyland type places, but not as big, where they were fresh done, and it was the first time I had ever had them fresh done - they were just heaven, and I have never found ones as good since, but it sounds as if your Nana would beat those hands down!

    As for the film I had never heard of it, but have now followed the link, what an amazing thing to be sharing with your students, and still so controversial today - how old are they, and what does your school teach? I feel that I am stepping on delicate ground as I write this as I know that you go regularly to church, but not what sort of church you attend! Do you have to get parents permission to show it?

  2. The only thing I like about haying season was Grandma Hull's fresh donuts! There is just something about grandmas and donuts that go together.

    You have your grandma's eyes and her smile. Have you noticed? Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see my grandma's eyes. It has stopped startling me.

  3. Jules, how lucky you are to get a picture with your grandma. I love reading about your memories. It takes me back to some of mine.

  4. Excellent movie choice. I hope you'll tell us about the reactions to it.

    I don't need a doughnut day. :-) We celebrate that enough around here! But I'm trying to make it less often. It doesn't help that our Krispy Kreme just re-opened here.

  5. ah, your nana's doughnuts sound delicious... great memories and thank you for sharing the photo.
    quilly is right, you are not unlike her.

  6. bonjour, Like you when I read here that it was doughnuts day, I first thought that it could be in America only, and taht doughnuts must be too fatening! you really have something from your Nana, bot of you have sweet faces, smiling from inside.
    I've tagged you, hope you don't mind and tell us some more about you.

  7. more sweet memories and I love it! You always rekindle a touch of sentimentality in me because you make me think of my own childhood and growing up...yes, only in America could there be a day set aside for doughnuts. I haven't had one in years, but I'd forego the guilt to have one of your Nana's Malasadas! I am also now curious about this movie...please do share parental/student response.

    I hope your spaghetti dinner went well, sounds like fun ~

  8. Mima...isn't it funny how the memories of food stick with us? It always makes me laugh.

    You asked several great questions here. I am so glad you asked them too. Please know that I am an open book and will try to honestly answer anything at all times.
    How many students do I have: Really I have my two girls and another high school girl. If I worded it in a way that sounded like more I am very sorry. For the movie viewing, we had two sets of parents, an 11 year old, 14 yr old, 15 yr old, and 16 yr old.
    I did go into detail with the parents abotu the content of the movie and like me they were excited to show it.

    What do we teach? We teach that the world was created by God.

    Yes we do go to church regularly. We are what is called Charismatic. I believe that God is here right next to me at all times and He is all about having relationships with us. I belive that my relationship with Him is not about performance or rules but about compassion and mercy.
    The movie that we just watched is a prime example of what I strive not to be.

  9. Quilly....thank you for pointing that out. I have never noticed that before. Doesn't she look great? She is 83 years old now.

    Kelly....I'd love to hear your memories. What kinds of things come to your mind?

    Jennifer...there is a Krispy Kreme close by the office and I drive by it every time I head home. The only time I feel a faulter in my will poer is when that "Free" light is on. Fortunately I am almost always on a time schedule so I don't feel that I can pull over.

    Polona...I called and asked Nana about making the doughnuts after I wrote this. Funny because she had just been thinking that it had been a long time since she did them. I forgot too one major step in the whole process. After the initial cooking and dipping in the glaze, she bakes them in the oven on a low heat and all of the glaze soaks inside. I promised I would help as soon as she felt like making them.

    Kitem...bonjour my friend and thank you. You have tagged me? Oh my goodness. No I do not mind. It is an honor that you are curious about more of me. I will just need a couple of days to think.

    Joni....I am so grateful that my memories make you smile. I love going on your journies as well. Memories are an ultimate treasure for us all.

  10. Jules, I have been checking back every day to see if you had answered - I am so glad that you are ok with me asking. I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and it is always interesting to hear what other people think! I was brought up Church of England and believe in God, but don't go to church regularly. But I do believe in Darwin's evolution. I hope that this is ok with you.

    I was really interested in your views, especially as I understand that there has been trouble about what is taught in schools in the US.

    Compassion and mercy are great values to be striving for, and because of that I get why the movie is so important!

  11. How I would love to have a photo of my Nana with me. But, alas, she was one of those anti-photo people. Very conscious about anything that might smack of the sin of "vanity" (but boy oh boy could she strut her 4'9" self into church with one of her famous red hats!) [grin]

    A beautiful thing to share, Sweet Jules~, and I thank you for allowing me the gift of sharing it. "Inherit The Wind" is, I agree, a marvelous illustration of discussion-worthy elements of human behavioral choices. I know that your friends and students will benefit from the evening.

    I do love you, my Dear Friend.

  12. John Michael...It makes me giggle to picture just that sort of small framed woman in a red hat strutting her stuff. I get the sense that she was a woman not to be crossed.

    So you have seen that movie? Another one that I love (which it was the same friend that introduced me to) is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. They just don't make movies like that anymore. Drama and character that makes you think and want to be a better person.

    Have a blessed day my friend.


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