Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Like the Twilight Zone...

Do you remember when you were a kid and you ran into your school teacher somewhere. Maybe buying ice cream with their family or maybe at the movies. It threw you for such a loop. Why was that? How was it that teachers carried so much control and power in the classroom that we couldn't fathom them being real people?

Well here is my funny because it happens evern with preschool children.

(Cue the mysterious background music and roll the fog in so that readers can see the scene)

While I was at the evening church service, I stepped into the restroom to freshen up. I was washing my hands when little 4 year old David walked in with his 6 year old brother and his mom. David stopped in his tracks righth there in the entrance and said with his mouth gapping in shock, "Mom!...It is my the BATHROOM!"

His mom ushered him all the way in and absently said, "Yes David it is. Isn't it amazing that even teachers use the bathroom too?"

I smiled as I was leaving. I can just imagine the scene next Sunday. I will walk by David and his classmates and he will lean over with big knowing eyes to loudly whisper in their ears, "Teacher knows how to go to the bathroom!"


  1. Teachers know all.

    Great story! Although I found it a bit odd the six year old was in the ladies restroom. (Is he unable to go on his own?)

    As a teacher, I suspect you know this answer too.


  2. Kevin...Well, Mrs. Teacher here would say that sometimes when moms are busy juggling two active little boys and a fussy baby girl in one arm (which I did not mention) they forget that 6 year old boys can in the room next door.

    Thanks for visiting my friend. I miss being able to leave comments on your blog doorstep. :-(

  3. What a wonderful story. My Mum is friends with one of my teachers from school, and even though I am in my late 40's she still throws me for a loop! I very firmly call her Mrs Teacher, and worry about what I am saying, I think that some things don't change. When I see her I always remember the guilty secrets of misbehaviour in her classroom!!

  4. well, my mother was a teacher so teachers do not play a role of semi-gods in my world :)
    a lovely story, though... the kids will have something to talk about, i reckon

  5. Teachers are good at everything for sure, everybody knows that.

  6. Didn't you get the memo? Teachers do not exist beyond the edge of the school grounds. If they were to emerge from the building and actually step from the curb, they would vanish into thin air. In fact, if you've ever looked at a teacher closely when s/he is on play ground duty, sometimes -- especially if they are too close to the boundary -- it is almost possible to see through her/him.

  7. Those balls on a string are called poi balls. Those dances are still done, but some things -- due to political correctness -- have been done away with. We could not put our kids in traditional Hawaiian dress for fear of upsetting the folks who don't like the non-Polynesian kids dressed in their traditions -- and the folks [usually men] who don't want their SONS in skirts (tupenu).

  8. My kids have that look of wonder if they see a teacher at Walgreens, or wherever. It's so funny to see their reaction.

    That story is priceless.

  9. is so funny how some things we never seem to grow out of. Thank you for sharing your fun smile today.

    Polona...good for you for not being fooled. It is funny, even though my girls have grown up with me teaching and they know the truth, it still sets them back when they see one of their teachers at the coffee shop or something.

    Kitem...that is funny! Big giggles over here.

  10. Quilly...woops I missed that memo. THat explains so much.

    And thank you for explaining more about my childhood dance. Sad how things have had to change over time. is always so fun to look at things thru their child eyes. Makes me laugh.

  11. Isn't it fun to watch those little brains try to figure out the mysteries of the world, like their teachers being human.

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