Monday, June 9, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know....

Back when I was a freshman in high school, there was a super market tabloid called the National Inquirer. They had a commercial that ran on tv with a happy announcer guy telling people "Inquiring minds want to know!" That was followed by various women, each looking very in the now with hip "mom" style persona. They would each take turns looking into the camera while holding their National Inquirer open and a smile of intrigue on their faces and stating, "I want to know!"

Inquiring minds have now struck again but this time it is more fun.
I have been tagged by Kitem from A Garden in France. I stumbled upon Kitem's site one day last fall when I had first started taking a french class at the college. Right away her sweetness grabbed a hold of me and I have really been enjoying building a friendship with her ever since.

The Rules of the Tag Game:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

These are always so hard for me. Why? Well I think because I tend to live in the "now" thought pattern and it makes me broaden my frame of mind. It is stretching but it is a good thing.

So, here are 7 things that I can think of that are me.......

1) I have immigration and naturalization papers because I was born in Tatchikawa, Japan. They are kept in a safe place with all of our other documents. My husband used this fact at a couples get together once several years ago to win a "get to know you" game. The setting of the game was for everyone to write a little known fact down about their spouse and then we had to all go around and match facts to people. No one thought to ask the fair skinned red head if she was born in Japan.


2) God makes everyone a unique and original piece of work. Some of my unique traits are that I have needed a couple of surgeries on my eye muscles so that they would line up correctly and not wander in different directions. My last surgery was about 6 years ago and it helped immensely in getting rid of the charlie horse feeling that was happening behind my eyes. I see out of both eyes but my brain doesn't register the images as a set. Instead I only pay attention to one image and ignore the other unless I close one eye.

Even more intriguing is the fact that I essentially have 2 left lungs. It always makes the doctors look at me very strange but it is true. See, the left lung has two lobes to leave room for the heart muscle and do the extra work needed on that side while the right lung has 3 lobe chambers. My right lung only has 2 chambers and my (I think left pulmonary artery) is in the wrong spot. Neither issue bugs me today. When I was a kid doing school P.E. class, I often felt the symptom pains of asthma but I never complained because I didn't know I wasn't supposed to feel that way.


3) When I was between the ages of 7-13 years old, my bedroom on Jefferson Street in Texas had hot pink shag carpet that was wall to wall. No we didn't make it that way. That is just how we bought the house. And yes, living that long in Texas did cause me to develop a southern accent. It only took me two weeks to lose it here in the northwest though because my cousins would burst into fits of laughter every time I entered a room and said "Hey ya'll". Of course, all I have to do is 'think' of my accent and it comes right back.


4) I am a poor swimmer. I can float around and look casual in a pool but I don't think I could swim in anything bigger than that to save my life. There were a good handful of summers that my little brother and I took swim lessons at the base pool but I never mastered anything. More often than not when I am in the water, I practice holding my breath and swimming under water. First it helps strengthen my lungs. Second it makes me feel pretty and graceful to glide through the waters imagining myself as some sort of mermaid. Yes I am a goof ball.


5) When I was in high school I had numerous friends that owned their own cars. Because of that fact, I never earned my drivers permit until I was in college and about to turn 18 years old. My actual license did not appear in my wallet until I was 18 years old. It took me three tries before I passed. So embarrassing. Despite that, I have had only two speeding tickets and one accident in my whole driving career. This is a picture of the first kind of car I owned. I drove it twice. Once was home from the auto repair shop so that my dad could try and fix it. The second was the big voyage after being fixed. It made it the 5 miles into town and then died for good at the bottom of the hill from home. It stayed there for months until my parents used it on a double trade in for a newer vehicle.


6) I am scared of heights. Even the simulator rides at Disneyland make my stomach jump and my head spin. Because of this, I push myself and make myself do things that make me uncomfortable. I refuse to let it best me. Of course, as I casually look over the edge of something and feel proud of myself, my protective husband usually grabs me and exclaims with fright, "What are you doing? You know you are scared of heights!"


7)I want to travel. Even though being a military dependant afforded me the sights of Japan, Hawaii, Texas, Spain, and 3 hours behind razor wire and gun clad soldiers in Korea...there are so many places I want to see and explore. Those place include Israel, Alaska, France, Australia, and Canada. Someday I would also love to go on a cruise.
How long did it take me to create this post? An hour and a half. I had to think for a bit, find pictures that I wanted to use, and then of course set everything up 'just so'.
Now I would like to hear from Trek, Mima, Kelly, Quilly, Joni, John Michael, Jeff, and Gene. Yes, that is 8 different people. It is just always fun to learn more about one another.


  1. Grumble, grimble, gripe. I don't get tagged for a month, then I get 4 -- f.o.u.r. -- in one week! Did someone leak the news that I am on vacation? I have 8 weeks. Can't I ease into this? ;)

  2. Phew! Posted. Along with 3 others and the last pic for Project Blue.

  3. Thank you so much Jules, I love the stories of yourself, and had a good laugh at your short lived car story. How funny also is the pink carpet you remember so well.And of course how I understand you well about your desire of travelling.

  4. It is always fun to learn things about each other, always proves we have more commonalities that maybe we might have expected...I think you have us on a couple of things though! This will be fun...and I love that pink shag carpet
    (I really do!)...reminds me of an old Kirby vacuum cleaner my mom had that had a "rake" in front to fluff up the you remember those? ha ha, funny stuff.

    Have a good day my friend ~

  5. that was an interesting read.
    but then again, it's always interesting to find out things about other people... thank you for sharing

  6. Oh gosh Jules...I know these meme's can be a chore but for the rest of us it's so nice to learn a little bit more about our friends and co-bloggers. I found you to be quite interesting! My brand new niece was born in Japan just a few weeks ago...if you'd like to see her picture go to and see our cutie...funny though, she doesn't look any more Japanese than you do, lol!
    Oh and I'm really enjoying playing in the pantry AND the kitchen...just beating my head against the wall trying to figure out what to get Mac for Father's day, lol!

  7. Okee Dokee Girl! I have the rules ... and am getting the "wheels" turning up there in the attic of my head. (lotsa dust and cobwebs up there too.)

    I shan't be as picturesque or creative as You ... but I will try to not embarrass or let You down with a poor result either.

    Sure do Love You!

  8. Quilly, thank you for participating. I am sorry I nailed you when you had already been hit multiple times. I am anxious to see what all you wrote.

    Kitem...this was fun indeed. Thank you for laughing and sharing in my silly stories.

    Joni...I guess we should have pulled up that carpet and stored it with us as we moved around. It cracks me up to see it popular and trendy it is a new thing. I look forward to hearing what you share.
    And, there is no pressure my friend. You are uniquely you and that alone is treasure special enough.

    Polona...thank you I am glad you enjoyed all the quirkiness that is me. I get the impression that you use your blog for posting only your wonderful pictures. They are indeed a treasure. But if you would care to share a bit about yourself, I would love to learn more about you.

    Sandi...I look forward to seeing your new little niece from Okinawa. Ther is yet another thing that we share. My youngest daughter was born in Okinawa at Camp Lester.
    Mac's Father's Day present...are you wrestling with trying to match what he did in grandness?

    John Michael...oh boy I am so excited to learn more of you. And the fact is that there is no comparison. Your post and you are special because it is you. I jsut happened to go overkill on what I wrote. It by no means sets a standard for anyone else....please know that.

  9. Jules, what a brilliant set of seven, I hope that you wont be too offended if I don't do it - I am struggling a bit to keep up with everything (getting back to everyone that has commented & keeping up with the blogs that I like to read) again at the moment! Constant rollercoaster of going up and down!!

    How about being born in Japan, have you ever been back to visit, it must have been pretty scary for your Mum to be that far away from family with a little one! My cousin was born in Canada and was always known as Canadian Kicking Cousin Kate - just because it all went so well together!

    I was trying to imagine what it would feel like to have to try to ignore one image the whole time, and having great difficulty - does it make it difficult to judge distances?

    I am also scared of heights - Once I managed to go abseiling, I really enjoyed it once I was near to the ground and knew that I was in control, but however much I think that hot air ballooning must be wonderful I don't think that I could do it!

    Do you think that counts as my seven?

  10. Mima...please don't worry. I am sorry to have made you stress about the idea of doing it. Really there was no pressure at all and I understand.

    Being back in Japan, I flew into Tokyo a couple of times but that is all aside from living in Okinawa for 4 years. They are both such different cultures within one though that it is not the same. Every story my mom tells of that time involves at least a couple of freinds so I am sure that helped with the loneliness.

    My eyes really aren't a problem. I don't have to think about ignoring one image. My brain does it for me. I just can't do things like 3-D images. The only time I can remember having to re-learn what I see was with my last muscle surgery. Everythign I saw in my brain was like one of those goofy distorted mirror houses at the fair.

    Did you go parasailing? Is that where you do a glider in the air behind a boat? I would love to suck up my courage and do that. I also want to ride in a hot air balloon. Except for jumping off of or out of something I like thinking I can one up my dears.

    Thank you for sharing so much...even when you were hestitant. You have blessed me today.

  11. Jules, you'd have thought living in Grand Cayman that I would have gone parasailing, I certainly had the opportunity as I knew the guy that ran the parasail boat, but I never did - more because it just never happened!!!

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