Monday, June 16, 2008

Journal Log Entry #185....

Today has been hard. There is no single reason or even anything catastrophic happening to make it so. Simply, there are millions of things piling up. It is what I do. At times I think I have learned and mastered the balance scale and at other times.......sigh.......

I don't even know what the actual number is to answer the statement..."the Earth spins in revolution of ____mph." As much as I would like to scream, "Stop and let me jump off for a bit!", it doesn't work that way. Everything has purpose and reason, even the intelligence-lacking fellow that cut me off today.

In the midst of dragging my feet through the activities of the day, I was distracted. I was distracted because in today's mail there was a "card looking" envelope to my husband from my father. Gosh I wanted to know what was in that envelope. It called to my curiosity all day long. My name wasn't on the envelope though and something held me back from calling the "finders keepers rule".

Finally after tonight's meeting I was able to see the contents that my husband so willingly shared. Now I will share it here........

Today doesn't seem quite so heavy now.

(you can click here to see the larger image)


  1. that is so sweet your dad would take the time out to send your husband a card, I don't know of many dads that would do that...and things like this card remind us of how blessed we are when the day doesn't always go the way we like...everything always balances out, just not always on our schedule. Glad to hear your day got better ~

  2. How nice! You must have a truly exceptional dad! And I'm glad he brightened your day, too.

  3. I enlarged, and it made me cry. Thank you for sharing.

  4. was such a surprise and blessing. You can go thru my label history for my father and see that things haven't always been ideal. So I am really grateful things are changing. father is wonderful. I am so excited that we are moving forward. It blows my mind that he took such a great step like this to reach out.

    Kitem...thank you for sharing in my emotions and riding the journey with me.

  5. Jules, what a wonderful thing for him to do, and I'm not surprised that it lightened your load. It is the little things often that get us through the bad times.


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