Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On Sunday I was very much in a mental daze. It is one of the drawbacks that I willingly embrace after spending a weekend with minimal sleep and being in the company of a big group of people half my age. I gave myself the freedom to stay home from church that morning. Yeah I was that out of sorts. But there was an afternoon picnic that I really wanted to attend. I am so glad I did. See who I got to hold.....

This is Kelly's new grand baby. Isn't she beautiful?
(I didn't ask if I could post these pictures but she has a picture on her site so I think it is okay. Kelly I am sorry if I am overstepping my boundaries. here.)
Isn't she tiny? It always amazes me how quickly they grow. My babies were once that small. It all happens so fast and it is easy to forget. It takes my breath away to think about the unique and wonderful thing that God does with each baby, each child, each life.
I never fail to find myself in another world when I am in the presence of little ones. Whether I am sharing goofy faces and giggles with a toddler or looking into the angel glow of a newborn; the rest of the world stops for me. I look in their eyes and see the pure joy and acceptance that surrounds them. I see their future destinies that sit on the horizon just waiting to unfold.
Often people will look at me while in this state and say things like, "Oh Julie you need to have more kids." My reply is always a firm no (with a smile). I have too much fun being 'family support' on the side lines.
God is so very amazing in what He creates.
What He did and does with each life is no accident or chance happening.
If you haven't seen this video, I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch it. It is encouraging, impacting, exciting, and inspiring.


  1. Great post! I love this video. I knew everything the speaker said, but he put it together so well.

    Makes you wonder how anybody could possibly believe that life could have come about accidentally, doesn't it?

  2. I am also finished having children, but there's nothing better than getting a baby fix from a little one. I can only imagine how good she smelled!

  3. Quilly...I am glad you enjoyed the video. I love how Louie puts it all together in this video. He has a series of videos out now and I want to obtain all of them.
    Goodness the part in the video about the optic eye nerves....there is no way that was a process of change.

    Jennifer....Isn't it amazing how we grow and change with the seasons of life. I love our children and all children, but I will willingly embrace cheering them on the sidelines in the future. Then I will look forward to being a grandma...but not too soon.
    And yes she did smell heavenly.

  4. Lucky you, having a baby in your arms is simply wonderful, and guess what? I hold little 4 months old baby Emma in my arms this afternoon, so sweet and smiley, I enjoyed her as much as you did, you look so happy in the photo.
    I have, for myself to practise a lot because soon...

  5. Hey there, doing a little catch up. Like you i just got back from a camping trip. Sounds like yours was a bit more toasty.

    Love the picture of you holding the baby. I can the love in your gaze. They really are quite an amazing gift aren't they?

  6. My dear friend, how can I be upset when you took such a cute picture of my darling little angel. When you get to be Grandma you get to have your baby fixes. I love it. And you can hold her anytime you want.

  7. There is nothing quite like holding a tiny child, and I do wish that I could have had the opportunity to hold my own, but that was not to be, if we do all have a purpose, mine is something different!

    I would love to know why lamonin was the left hook!!

  8. Kitem....oh I am so glad you got to hold your little Emma. Children are so very precious. I know she made you smile and sigh with heavenly thoughts. You sound like you are ready to let a secret out with your comment on needing to practice. Do you have another grand baby on the way?

    Jeff...hey there. You went camping too? Where did you go? It has sounded like all of Oregon was pretty toasty last weekend. I will have to stop by and see if you wrote about the trip.

    Kelly...thank you for being okay with the pictures and most definately for sharing that sweet little bundle with me. You could have kept her all to yourself that day and been perfectly within your rights, but you let me hold her for a bit and be blessed.

    Mima...I only have known you for the past few months thru our writing back and forth. I know that there is a whole life of you that I know nothing about. But I also know that the purpose I see in you is to be a blessing and an encourager. You have a smile that comes straight across the keyboard. Your courage and strength is always evident and stands side by side with your joy. I would say that there is much purpose in that.

    Lamonin being the left hook - the way I understand it has to do with my thoughts on being a Christian and a Creationist. I know that you believe in Darwin's evolution.
    For me in watching this video, I think the point he was making was the idea that Lamonin is the glue that holds everything together so that it can function and the fact that it is shaped in resembling the cross where Jesus died. Believing in both the idea as a Christian that the cross is where Jesus gave me the ability to stand before God and live each day with strength beyond my own ability to hold things together, and as a Creationist in the idea that things like Lamonin could not accidentally happen by chance....makes a parallel in thinking. The way I understand Louie's talk,that is the "hook" he was refering to.
    I hope that helps a bit for you.


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