Friday, July 4, 2008

The Perfect Balancing Scale......

Yesterday was such a great day. I jumped up in the morning and made a broccoli slaw and a cake for a BBQ that we would be attending in the evening. The slaw....was just a regular slaw so it is not worthy of a picture. The cake on the other hand, a recipe given to me by my dear friend at the coast, formidably labeled "Death By Chocolate Cake". With ingredients such as sour cream, chocolate pudding, and chocolate chips in the cake batter....and then a stove top cooked icing..... let your mind wander a bit as to the taste.

I fought off the temptation to dig my fork into it's heavenly aroma all day long. After all, how could I explain a big gouge in the shape of the bunt cake to our hosts. But after dinner, I jumped up to have a small sliver........

heavy sigh......dreamy expression........

Visiting with all of our friends made for a great evening. But that cake was the supreme topper to all the wonderful events of the day.
What else happened yesterday?

Well, I had received a phone call a couple of days ago from our youth group leader and his wife. She said, "Are you available Thursday at 1 pm?" Instantly I thought, oh cool they need a baby sitter and I sure love that little guy.
My thought cloud burst and re-built to an even sunnier level when she followed up by saying, "We just want to thank you for all that you do and so we have scheduled you for an hour massage."
Threw me for a quick loop but boy I was giddy with excitement. How many times I have wished I could get a massage........

Here is a picture of one of the massage rooms at Massage Envy. Each room has a circulating fan, warming blankets, and soft music playing. Good golly it was so heavenly. That little masseuse had her work cut out for herself when I came in. I had knots on top of knots. She never complained though. Instead she went right to work and proclaimed pity over me as she unearthed tensions that I have carried for so long...I didn't even know they were there. The tensions that I carry lock up my lower back and also settles in my shoulders so deeply that it effects my hearing.

I feel lighter, sore and bruised, but oh so much better. I have been drinking water like crazy to try and filter out all of the toxins that must have been released. I have no limp this morning, I can hear better, and my neck keeps popping. I love it!

Here is to a perfectly balanced day..........a massage and chocolate. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. a massage and chocolate... sounds like a perfect day to me, too :)

  2. A massage and chocolate? Heaven!

    When I opened your post and saw the cake, it looked to me like one lovely, plump, chocolate donut. Since donuts are single servings, then I would not be amiss in eating the yummy in its entirety .... right?

  3. the cake looks scrumptious...but the there's something I could really use! What a thoughtful way for someone to acknowledge their gratitude. I've never had a professional massage, I've always wanted to but have always had an inhibition in that area, don't know time and I'd probably be hooked!

  4. Polona..I was smiling and walking on a cloud all day long. giggle giggle

    Quilly...a girl after my own heart. I have to say though that it is such a rich cake. The closest thing I can compare it to is a combination of a chocolate Costco muffin and the giant Mother Load cake at Claim Jumpers...if you are familiar with either one of those. A small piece did me in, me the girl who never has enough chocolate. If you ate the whole thing you might wish you were eating mangoes instead for the after effects.

    Joni...I completely understand your reservations. I have now had 3 massages in my lifetime and each time I have felt a bit nervous about having a stranger touch my skin and the thoughts of "I need to take off what?" But I must say it is so completely worth it. Each person I have worked with has been so completely professional. They never expose anything and only do what you are comfortable with. I really encourage you to give it a try sometime. You will find that the hour goes by all too quickly.

  5. Do these parents need someone else to watch their kids? "Cause, it appears, I might be free for one of those chocolate massages too..."

    How grand a time for you, dear friend!

  6. Kevin...oh my was not a chocolate massage. It was a massage and then chocolate later in the day.

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  8. You so deserve that massage for everything that you do, and I'm so glad that you really enjoyed it, they can be the most amazing things. The chocolate cake looks delicious! I have recently got hooked on a clementine cake which is very good!

  9. Mima...What is Clementine Cake? The name makes it sound wonderfully old fashioned with a hint of fruity splash.


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