Monday, July 7, 2008


Today I drove a "turn and burn" to Cannon Beach. Well, maybe not quite so much burn since I chose to hang out with my friend Barbara for 6 hours before hitting the road for the drive home.
It is now after 11pm in the evening and I am smiling at a day well spent.

The reason for my 90 mile drive (one way) was because it was time to get The Gaggle together. Not all were able to gather for the beach trip, but I succeeded in getting 4 of the 6 together for the day. They say that their mission for this week is to reek mayhem havoc and chaos on the town as they giggle, write stories, giggle, run to the corner for coffee, giggle, watch movies, and did I mention giggle? As my friend Kitem once put it....Tout le monde! Vive les Gaggles!
As they toured the town today, they stumbled across this little guy, who obviously once had an important job making some sweet child happy but by a twist of fate....had been left on the sidewalk face down in lonely despair.
They looked around for possible owners and found none. Their hearts went out to him and they decided to give him a home as their mascot. He is in the process of getting a bath now and has been named Rizzly (like grizzly without the g)...because that was the name on the license plate of a car down the street where he was found. See how happy he is now?

Meanwhile, my friend Barbara and I had a wonderful time doing our own share of walking. We toured the local library, which happened to be having a book sale (always a dangerous thing for us book lovers) and Barbara blessed me with a treasured copy of Sonnets From the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Poetry....AND my Portuguese heritage......I am excited to dive into it.
We enjoyed the sunny weather and ocean breeze as we walked 4 miles of the coast line and talked of recipes, movies, family, hopes and dreams. Along the way, a gentleman asked if I could take a picture of him with his sweetie on the beach. When I said yes, she stopped her sand drawing and jumped towards him so I could snap the picture. They were so happy....with the picture, with the day, with the beach, with each other. When our walk brought us back to their spot, we found her picture complete.

Barbara and I had fun trying to figure out what the 7 3 8 represented. Those aren't date numbers because today is July 7th. Was it to mean that they had kissed 738 times? Did it mean that it felt that they had known each other for 738 years? Or maybe after 7 minutes and 38 seconds they chose to believe in love at first sight.

Right about that spot on our walk we stopped to contemplate the power of the waters as it crashed over the rocks. It amazes me. Water has no form of its own and yet is strong enough to bring beauty or devastation to any surrounding. It made me think if the scripture passage where God commanded the oceans to have boundaries. It is all an incredible and beautiful thing.

Sometime during our exploring, we stopped at a new little cafe' and sat outside on the walk for tea and dessert. Everything was natural, organic, and even vegan if one chose to go that route. I opted for a delicious licorice tea blend and then set my sights on a piece of chocolate chip bread pudding.

It was so delicious.....and so rich......I could not bring myself to eat even half of it. Instead it was boxed up and is now sitting in my kitchen for future delights.

Rosie-girl and I are home safe and sound, feeling sleepy. The Gaggle...I imagine is still giggling away while attempting to shush one another and not bother the adults. My sleepy eyes and happy heart say that it has been a good day indeed.

(note: Rosie-girl took the photos of Rizzly)


  1. What a fun and wonderful day. The kind treasured memories are made from. Thanks for inviting me along. I had a joyful time just reading about it.

  2. A bunch of babes at a beach, and all I get is pants and feet, with a (cute!) green elephant?

    C'mon! Bring on the swimwear!

    HA! I'm glad all of you had a marvelous time!

  3. gosh Jules, I'd love to be a goose in your gaggle...sounds like so much fun. I love Rizzley...I know that rescuing of stuffed animals is not quite the same as rescuing real ones, but it's a great thing all the same! My son when small once rescued a stuffed animal from a trash heap! He named him Disappear (because he disappeared from the trash heap). All it took was a dry cleaning bill to make them both happy!
    Loved this post

  4. glad you enjoyed the stroll about town with us. That makes me smile.

    Kevin....I think I hear your wife calling you.
    haa haa
    Yes it really was a great day. I never return from Cannon Beach with a scowl on my face.

    Sandi...I love your story about your son and his friend Disappear. It makes me smile so big on the outside and inside.

  5. oh, this sounds like a wonderful and relaxing day. so glad you enjoyed :)

  6. Polona...Thank you. I hope you get to experience days like that too. Maybe you don't live by a beach necessarily but just the fun of being out and about experiencing things out of the norm.
    I know that you do always find amazing things to photograph.

  7. oh, giggling with the gaggle sounds like such fun...we all need time like this just to unwind and be silly...Rizzly will be a reminder...maybe he should travel around and be handed off at each gathering...a fate much improved upon...

  8. Jules, what a wonderful way to spend the day, and thanks for sharing it with us - for me it is always nice to visit a new place!! Love the photo of the feet and Rizzly, and I'm sure that he has found a very happy new home.

  9. Joni...that is a great idea. I will have to tel lthe girls about that.

    Mima...You know, that is my favorite picture too. I don't know what it is about it but I love it.


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