Thursday, July 10, 2008

Over the River and Thru the Woods....

The past few days has found me walking ...... a lot, 17.5 miles in all to be exact.

Horse Tail Falls, Ponytail Falls, and Oneonta Falls on Sunday: 4 miles
Cannon Beach with my friend Barbara on Monday: 4 miles
Neighborhood walking with my friend Wendy on Tuesday: 3 miles
Eagle Creek Trail with Rosie-girl on Wednesday: 6.5 miles

It has been thrilling and something I always say I am going to do but never get to it enough. I am a bit sore right now and by my own personal diagnosis figure that I had a bit too much heat yesterday. All the same, I have really enjoyed every mile and have fallen in love with the Great NW even more. I love the aroma of the warm earth mixed with ripening wild berries, moss, water, pines and fir trees. Here are just a few highlights......
Oneonta Trail off the Old Highway in the Columbia Gorge.

Hiking the Oneonta Trail was exciting and beautiful but really a challenge for me. These silly lungs of mine really rebelled at the steep incline after a couple of hours. I kept on being stubborn and pushing thru but towards the end I must admit to entertaining a bit of panic. Goodness it has been so many years since I have felt like that. Hubby got me calmed down and I got to the bottom with a smile. So embarrassing....but at least I did it.

Eagle Creek Trail outside of Cascade Locks in the Columbia Gorge.

This was a fun day hike for Rosie-girl and I. We had lunch at Punchbowl Falls and then headed onward and upward to High Bridge. Maybe it was the heat and our desire for a soft seat and ice cream, but we didn't think that the bridge was quite worth all the hiking. All the same, we had a perfect day just being together.
The only bummer about the day was that when I was wading around Punchbowl I fell and dropped my the water. I grabbed it really quick and dried it all out. It took pictures for me the rest of the day but now it is going thru this funny power cycle thing....even when I have it turned off. It is an old digital camera (a Fuji FinePix S3000 3.2 megapixel.....yeah ancient) but it is all I have for now and can't replace it. Maybe the little gremlins will decide to leave soon and I can nurse it along for another year.
If you would like to see all of the pictures, you can go here.


  1. beautiful scenery! the hikes must have been worth all the effort.
    and fingers crossed for the recovery of your camera!
    i have a dslr now but would still miss terribly my little canon if it broke...

  2. Polona...It was worth it definitely. Although the hike to High Bridge was a bit draining due to the 95 degree temperatures that day, we still plugged through and feel like we conquered something special together. On the way home we grabbed some ice cream at the local Dairy Queen for a well deserved treat.

  3. Oh Jules, it is truly beautiful, and what a wonderful way to spend time with people, sharing the beautiful scenery.

    Thanks for your comments, I am just doing a few blogs, and hadn't been here for ages to see you and wanted to check in. I haven't had a chance to watch the film yet, but I will once I start to feel a little better.

  4. these pictures are stunningly beautiful...well worth the hike...I hope you can nurse your camera back to being functional!

  5. great photo No.4. please please what is a slaw.Ehp 1:2 to you and your family.

  6. Bonjour Jules, thanks for your nice comments, sorry for not being there for you, your photos are gorgeous so must have been the hikes, i am happy to "meet" Jules's hubby.
    Have a nice week ahead.
    (no photo of baby Emma)

  7. Mima...I am so glad you are feelnig well enough to do a bit of 'visiting'. I always love to see your smiling face here.
    No pressure on the movie watching. You know I am always here.

    Joni...praise God! My camera seems to be doing good now. We took it all apart and let everything sit for a couple of days to chase away any residual water droplets. It is not doing that goofy power cycle anymore and it is still snapping pictures so it is good.

    Alan...Hello there and welcome. Thank you for coming to visit. I look forward to looking thru your blog.
    I am glad you liked the picture of the Gorge. It is a scene that I never tire of.
    Slaw: thank you for asking. I am realizing that probably sounds like a very strange thing. It is a term that we use here in the states to refer to a Cole Slaw Salad that is made primarily with thin cut cabbage.
    If it doesn't sound too confusing, my 'slaw' is not made with cabbage at all. I prefer to make a Broccoli Slaw. I use thin cut broccoli and carrots, cut up apples, pineapple, raisins, and honey sweetened dressing.
    THank you for the verse. It is a beautiful one...of course I could say that about many verses yes.

    Kitem...Bonjour mom ami. No apologies necessary. We live our lives and visit blogland when we can. I just love and cherish when we do get to visit and share.
    Glad you enjoyed meeting Hubby.

  8. I've been having the worst trouble in my attempt(s!) to make a comment! And now, in my anti-climatic state, here it is:

    "I love the photos!"

    Other than that, let me also add your writing is wonderful, and I quite enjoy the outings you have been taking recently!

    Keep on, dear girl! You ROCK!

  9. Hi Jules didn't know that about the Zsar.the satellite images are poorer i myself take it to be the ark,what else could it be that far up the mountain,.it's man made???? shows one thing we live in a young earth.GOD's could only been put their by the flood what ever it is.?????GODS BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMLIY>Still can't get over No.4 photo.

  10. Kevin...the perfect comment, thank you. Do you know my friend that when you comment it is like you are talking to me. (Wait, that was a dumb comment.) What I mean is, I can hear your voice and see you fun friend expressions. Always makes me laugh. Thank you for your encouragement. I said, I don't remember where I read about the Zsar, I will have to look around now. Regardless though, you are right about whatever it is on that mountain.It is obviously man made and how else could something get that high.

  11. Womensdaily...Welcome :-) I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. It blesses me to be able to make others smile.

  12. God did good when he made this little peace of the planet. Yah I know, he did pretty good with everything, but the northwest in the summer is pretty spectacular.

  13. Jeff...if you are looking for something to do as a family outing, I think Lisa and the boys woul all love the Eagle Creek hike. Just take exit 41 at the Cascade Fish Hatchery and go right to the park. You hike in 2 miles to the Punchbowl Falls area and have your lunch and play in the water. It is heavenly.

  14. Beautiful scenery, Jules. If you are looking for a replacement camera, may I suggest the Pentax Optio S10 (it's a 10MP ultra compact camera that will fit into a pocket - and it's got several modes including a good macro function)

    They're not expensive - about $220 here in Oz and they are wonderful cameras.

    I recommended this camera to Crazy Cath and she bought one and has had great fun with it.

    Thanks for all the visits and the wonderful comments while I was in Malaysia. Got home a few hours ago - and I;m delighted that you liked the shot of the banana tree!

  15. just popping in for a visit and enjoyed these wonderful pictures all over again...wishing I could be somewhere like this today...

  16. David...Thank you so much for your adivce on camera shopping. I need to nurse this one along for another year and then ....oh boy I will inundate you with so many questions about cameras.
    I am glad you enjoyed the NW scenery. glad these still make you smile.


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