Monday, August 11, 2008

Decorating With Friends....

What is that?
Yes I am sharing pictures of my bathroom with you.

The area really is too small for me to figure out how to shoot it well but at least this way you get the idea. I wanted to share my newly decorated bathroom with you because of what I put on the wall.
See one of the many advantages to blogging and experiencing friendships around the finding that those friends have great talent. I asked Mima and Polona if I could print up a few of their photos to have as decoration and they both graciously agreed.

Okay, I can't bear it. In truth I printed them before asking. My cheeks are so red right now. But I couldn't live with myself. I felt so very guilty and decided I couldn't go on without asking permission.

Don't they have great talent? This is the main bathroom and I love walking in there just to see the photos that my friends took. It is like it brings us all a little bit closer in the world.


  1. So you've decorated your bathroom with your blogging buddies. I wonder what Freud would think of that? Hmmm ...

    Actually, I have more than once contemplated how someone else;s photo would look as a picture on my wall. So far I haven't acted on it, but we're only "camping" here (though its been a year every month it's subject to change) before we move into faculty housing.

  2. Hi Jules, i was introduce to your blog from our wonderful friend, Kitem :D Wonderful blog and pictures, but most of all, I love the wordings under your name, its a great reminder to Me. I assume its you twirling under the rain..just beautiful :D

  3. i like it few weeks ago did six frames for my daugthers bathroom in her new house, she wanted me to put some colorfull fish in them which i did. and again sometime ago for some friends only one frame with three colorful fish.but i didn't want to give them away i wanted to keep them being an artist i was going to renege on the agreement they looked so good. then GODs little voice said where would you put them. with hundreds of paintings and art work everywhere if you don't move about in my home you get a painting to hold.back to your pic's long may they give you enjoyment. they look just my bathroom yes my artwork it's a good place to sell my work when people have time to look at the works. people are now going to see these pic's of yours and are going to ask if you could do some for them get working????? love to all.

  4. Quilly...yes decorating my bathroom with friends pictures. Sounds a bit twisted huh?

    The whole living month to month thing while you wait for faculty you find it keeps you a bit wound you aren't letting yourself get truly settled? Maybe you should give yourself permission to just hang things up that you want. Sure, as soon as you do it, the housing will open and you will have to take it all down. but in the mean time, it might feel good to sort of plant roots and live in the now.
    I am jsut giving a friendly suggestion because I know what it is like to live "off base" and wait for the housing to shift.

    M.Kate ....I am so glad you came by to visit and we have a treasured friend that we share. Thank you for enjoying things here. Actually the dancing girl is not me. It is a picture that I found online nad fell in love with. I was doing a google search for girls dancing in the rain and found that one.

    Alan...that was so special for you to do up photos for your daughter and friend. So you have pictures everywhere huh? My motherin-law has pictures from floor to ceiling in her home. She knows that it is not the "decorating style" to do so with not having a single inch of free wall space but figures that they are all pictures that make her happy. And your home should make you happy right?

  5. wow, this looks very nice :)
    and you did ask, no? so all's well ;)

  6. jules makes me happy i have my art work everywhere if i can find room to put it.just looking across all my desks behind them are paintings poking over the top.GOD as been good to me i must have over two hundred frames and canvas from small to large. a shed out the yard full of materials papar paint oils etc..looking at your bathroom how clean and fresh. but you can tell it takes a lady to put it together like every room in your home as your stamp on hubby can put his feet up.don't let him bring in the lawn mower into the kitchen to repair.then look out he will have tools in all the draws.i'm joking he wouldn't do a thing like that or would he????? love in JESUS to all.PS i would love my walls to be clear of art work

  7. these pictures look really nice in your bathroom....I'm a sucker for nature shots too.


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