Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Shopping We Will Go....

I had told Rosie-girl that we would go shopping on Monday. She gave a smirk and said that would be cool and we didn't discuss it anymore that night. However, when I got up yesterday morning she was ready to go with sparkling teeth, belly full, clean clothes on and even her little purse slung over her shoulder. She paced around while I got myself together and it seemed like silent torture for her to wait but she endured it all and we were soon under way.

More often than not, we head to the mall for a quick mission and get out of there as soon as possible because all of the high prices and silly gimmicks that make me a bit uncomfortable. But yesterday was different. I had told her that we would really probably find our best deals at the local everything store, but we would window shop at the mall and see what kind of trouble we could get into.

It turned out that we had so much fun walking around the mall and pointing at things. We saw styles that made us laugh and made us wonder. Who would have ever thought there would be such a thing as knee high Converse shoes? She really wants a pair too. At $70 though she will definitely have to earn the money herself.

Rosie loves wearing every day t-shirts that are in a girl cut and have fun things on them like drums and bright colors. So when I found a super deal on some and told her she could pick out a hand full it was priceless. Watching her jump up and down and lavish me with kisses was a thrill.

After a full lap around the upper mall level we stopped for lunch. We had packed pbj sandwiches and little bags of chips in our purses but the smell of Cinnabon was too much to resist. So our lunch was rounded out with a shared Cinnabon and 2 strawberry lemonades.

Later, while walking around the lower mall area we happened on a pair of shoes that were too good to pass up. I don't know who teared up more at her display of affection, me or the cashier who welled up with tears and said my girl was simply too sweet for words.

When I was paying for her shoes, Rosie hugged me around my neck and pecked me to pieces with kisses while stating, "Mom today is the best day ever. I thought we were only going to window shop and that would have been fine. But you got me 6 shirts, a Cinnabon, and now shoes. You are like....the coolest mom ever! And I am not just saying that because you are buying me shoes right now."


  1. Wow! You are the coolest mom ever. If I hug you and kiss you can I have a pair of those shoes?

  2. love to hear of mum and daughter outings..so precious..


  3. Jules you lucky duck you..I had boys to take shopping. Not fun. Now I have a Grandgirl and I love to take her shopping...course Mac cringes because he knows that whatever Arianna wants, she gets lol...I wish I'd been with you!

  4. a mothers love.thats all a child needs.enjoy. GOD IS GOOD.

  5. Funny... Last week I saw a cashier well up with tears too, but it wasn't tears of joy. They were the tears of a returned product... commission lost. I like your story much, much better.

  6. oh, so sweet!
    i don't like the malls but your day with rosie sounds just lovely :)

  7. Laughing at Craver!

    I just survived the mall with Lisa and the boys. the company was good, but going to the mall is just short of having root canal for me.

    What a great kid you've got there.

  8. doesn't it just make you feel all warm and cozy inside when they genuinely appreciate stuff? Mine have outgrown the energetic little kisses and have moved into the simple "thank you" mode...but I'll take what I can get, so appreciate those little outbursts of affection...well, I guess you have with your post...so see you appreciated each other...very cool.

    ...and cute shoes too!

  9. Cute shoes, and Cinnabon--You are cool! What a sweet thing for her to say. Lovely.

  10. Quilly...if you were to fly all the way over here for a hug and kiss you would certainly get a new pair of shoes.

    Annie...so good to see you. It has been a while. Thank you for enjoying.

    Sandi...isn't that the way with grandgirls though. And truly, if Mac were to take her shopping somewhere and she said "please Pappy" wouldn't he grant her the world too?

    Alan...amen God is good.

    Craver...for real they were crying over lost commission? That must have been the last straw to a horrible day.

    Polona...I am not a big time shopper either. I usually stay far away from things like that. But I am so grateful for the special day we spent together.

    Jeff...thank you.

    Joni....you know what is really cool? When your kids get just a little bit older and have lived on their own a bit more, they will come full circle and really appreciate with vivid displays once again.

    Jennifer...than kyou so much. It was a blessed day.


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