Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day at the Beach...

I headed to the coast today to pick up Pippin from her 3 week beach get-a-way that she had with our friends. Tomorrow is her 17th birthday and she wanted to be home with us for her special day. It was a perfect day on the Oregon Coast. Once we had lunch, we decided to head south to the next town over. It is a little place called Manzanita. I had never been there before and enjoyed walking the streets with our friends.

Manzanita holds all of the typical coastal type stores that I would expect to find
like book stores, coffee shops, and any type of rental store that mixes with sand and water.
I also found that they are a very polite bunch in making sure no one feels left out.

There seems to always be a place to sit and rest
your feet as you enjoy the day.

I found a plant that I have never seen before that I am quite sure
is not a part of the natural scenery here.

Do you know what this is?
I am so puzzled by it.

There were plenty of things to keep my eyes entertained like these little guys.
Out of the corner of my eyes, I really thought for a second that the gulls were
getting brave in their scavenging.

There were surfers out in the water that made my heart jump with wonder.
Harnessing the power of wind and waves while still being subject to their might
was an amazing thing to watch. I don't think I could do this.

Here is my Pippin trying to take in the last bit of beach before we head out.

All day long there was a huge white cloud bank lurking off the shores. It was majestic and mysterious as it shaped its way around the bay and made a barrier wall.

It is now going on midnight and my car has another 225 miles on it from our adventure.
It was a full day with wonderful friends and sights to treasure.


  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures. Love the cloud bank and the child and the seabird...great post, as usual Jules!

  2. good photos glad you had some time with your friends.GOD does bless. St.PODDY.

  3. Are you sitting down and ready for this? That plant you have never seen before and don't recognize is an artichoke.

    Yes, it is. Go back and look at it again now that your mind has been redirected.

    See? Told you so.

    Artichokes are succulents, and the part that we pick and eat is the unopened bud.


  4. Sandi...Isn't the cloud bank amazing? It hung out there allday letting is enjoy the sunshine before making it's way to shore in the evening. I wonder what it looked like later that night with everything built up.

    Alan...thank you. Hey friend, you had mentioned you would tell me what POD stands for, but I haven't seen anything yet. Maybe you typed it out and Blogger didn't accept it quick enough.

    Quilly....well shut my mouth, slap my face, and paint me amazed. I have never seen an artichoke plant before. I knew they grew some how but

  5. Hi Sis.i'll try and keep this short. did send about POD but something went wrong. here i go some seven years ago a friend became a grandad.a few months went by he is a leader in my old church he he didn't come to church one sunday asked his wife where he was or she said he had been up all night with his grandson to give his mother a good nights sleep then she told he does not like being call pod ,meaning they gave him this name Poor Old Dad.he was only 35years old.A few months later my first grandson was born and at the sametime i left my church to help my son in law to start a new church which was a few valleys away and when i moved the people there didn't know what to call me because there are a number of Alan's in both familys. so i told them call me POD my daughter said you can't it means poor old are full of life no i don't like it.with her in laws saying the same then i told them GOD gave me this new name. it's Prosperous Old being an artist now sign my works with POD. grandsons call me poddy and their other grandfather is called gramps because his name is Alan. everyone here in this valley calls me POD.God can turn negative to a positive.we need to be still sometimes for God to speak to us. Hebrews 11:8-12 love sis in the Lord.

  6. The artichoke...God's way of saying, "I have a sense of humor."

    As hot as it is inland right now, the beach is the perfect place to be.

  7. Alan...that is a great story. I always like turning negative to positive. It is all about the outlook that we choose and now POD makes me smile.

    Jeff...Talk about was 104 under my carport today. How I praise God that we have window air units.
    And God's sense of humor with the artichoke...just like a platypus or a giraffe. I love how He changes thigns up to keep us on our toes. It is a reminder that there is an order to everything and it is His order.

  8. Hello Jules :D
    What a vacation!! woof woof to you too that doggy sign, just too cute. I'll blogroll you so I can hop over often. Here I am wishing to go to Sipadan and you're living my dream. WOW..what a flower, its totally unique..never seen anything like that before! ..and great pictures :D have a fantastic weekend ahead

  9. The cloud bank is really astonishing! Wow, never seen something like that, but I think I would be a little afraid of it as it is so low on the ground...

  10. great pikkies at the beach, and another lovely mother daughter outing...

    thanks for stopping by my skywatch photos from New York. I seem to have been lucky with the clear skies, but there were a couple of thunderstorms rolled through, and I didn't have my camera out the window! Sorry!


  11. I LOVE the photos of the sky and the ocean. I do hope you had a glorious time with Pippin!

  12. All the pictures you posted transported me to wonderful places, but I can´t take my eyes off that really amazing bench with flowers included.

  13. m.kate ....good morning. Glad you had a laugh over the sign. I thought it was quite funny. I also saw, but didn't snap a photo, a sign outside the ice cream shop announcing that they served sorbet in doggie bowls.

    Maria...Welcome, I am so glad you came by for a visit. Clouds off the shore and around the shore is something you can pretty much always count on here on the Oregon Coast. The weather changes several times a day. It is nothing to worry about though. You should only think about going for cover if the clouds are grey in color. These were snowy white.

    Annie...glad you enjoyed.
    Missed taking pictures of your storm...that is okay. Sometimes it is best to just sit and enjoy and hold it in your heart.

    Carol...thank you I am glad you enjoyed. Yes it was a wonderful day for us.

    Digital....Welcome, I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. I know, the bench is just too cool. I love the rich deep color of the wood

  14. Hey, I have that exact same wooden bench! (Just kidding.)

    Happy B-day to Pippin. 17. Oh man, to run for miles and jump again without painful consequences. (sigh) Pivot... I used to be able to pivot! These days, you could synchronize my "quick turns" with an oceanliner. I digress.

    Jules, those clouds are phenomenal! It stirs me to see how they are rolling in so low. Aaaah! Cloud ambush!

  15. Craver....hey you were pulling my leg. And I was just about to say wow that you have that same bench. It would go perfect next to that sun catcher thingamagij you know.
    Thank you for the birthday shout out to Pippn. She is smiling big. The not being able to move like we used to...yeah I can really relate. I wonder how sore I will be after the ropes course tomorrow.

  16. i was certain i had commented on this one... anyway, quilly already told you about the plant but i love the cloud over the shore...

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