Friday, August 15, 2008

See My Smile.....

Last night I received a phone call from my father in Texas giving me the dates of his up coming trip to our neck of the woods. I am so thrilled! He is really coming.

From the time my parents divorced when I was thirteen, he has always made comments of, "I should go and visit y'all some time." That trip never materialized though. When I was with him for my step mom's funeral back at Christmas time, again he said, "I should go and visit y'all some time." After hearing it for so many years I have to admit that my inside voice was saying "yeah okay whatever I understand. Saying that makes you feel better." But now he is really coming.

While talking with him last night he said, "Don't be worrying about planning all kinds of sight seeing adventures or anything. The only sight seeing I am interested in is being with my children and grandchildren." I have never heard him be so open with his emotions and desires before and it thrills me. Sure I have always known that my father loves me.......but every little girl craves to hear that she is special to her daddy.

As I have been running errands today for the big youth event this weekend, I have had a perpetual smile on my face. I wanted to roll down my window at the stop lights and tell the driver next to me, "Guess what? My dad is coming." When the cashier asked how my day was going I had to bite my tongue to only say, "It is going great thank you and how is yours."

He will be here in one month and he will stay for a whole two weeks. It is going to be amazing. My brother is excited too. He and his wife live 45 minutes away from me on the other side of town. So, I have booked us all reservations to spend a few days here. That way we can all relax and enjoy our time without work, phones, or commitments getting in the way.

Do you see my smile?


  1. I hope your visit with your dad is even more wonderful than your anticipation!

  2. Every word in your post turns up at the corners and beams with excitement....I am so happy for you. I hope your visit is everything you want it to be and I hope it is the beginning of loving effort on both sides. You'll have a great time in Long sure to take lots of pictures when the time comes!


  3. Hello Jules..I know what you mean about your father. My father was much open with his emotions..sadly he died 9 years ago due to cancer at age 53. I have the same relationship with my mom..but we see each other almost everyday, emotions are hard to come by..but it has improved along the years.

    I am absolutely sure you and your dad will have a wonderful time, afterall this is a much awaited reunion. hugs :D

  4. Start counting the days just be yourself and enjoy. all that's gone before can not be is now and tomorrow. you and all your family have a good time with God there with you. for you Isaiah 26:3

  5. oh, i'm sure you will have a wonderful time together...

  6. Do I SEE your smile? I can feel the warmth of it from here!

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