Saturday, August 16, 2008

Do You Dare.....

I am absolutely wiped out......but I wanted to share with you about the past 24 hours before I plop on the bed in utter fatigue.

This was the weekend of our last big youth event before school starts. Last night we had a BBQ at a friend of a friend's pool. It was a great time for them. The youth played their own versions of the Olympics as they raced to see who could do hand stands longer, throw through the water hoop better, and dive for the most pennies. Then the evening rounded off with a sleep over....guys at one house and girls at another. The goal was to actually sleep so that they could be bright and chipper to hit the road for our adventure today. No they didn't quite sleep like they should have but did we when we were their age?

So, what was our adventure today? We went for a whole day of extremes at the Salem YWAM Ropes Course. It is a place where you have the opportunity to push yourself farther than you think you can go, work together as a team, and learn a greater appreciation for everyone. I know I am not doing it quite the descriptive justice so check out the promo video on the above link if you are curious.

We did this last year and had a great time. For the most part I had taken pictures of everyone and did the huge 800' zip line at the end of the day. This year I decided to suck it up, not think of myself as "just a mom" (as if that is a bad thing), and completely do each task set before me to 100%+ of my abilities. I didn't let myself think in fear or worry. Here is a secret...I truly am scared of heights but I make myself do things so that my fear doesn't own me.

The whole day was amazing and I really did push myself more than I dreamed I could do. Despite the fact that I am still out of shape and have more weight to lose, I jumped at the opportunity to do the High Rise Extreme Obstacle Course. Though the sun glare doesn't let you completely look at the whole course, here is a what the course looked like......

And this is a picture of me just to prove that I actually did it.
It was very hard in places and I hugged the instructors when I got to the end platform.

It was a family affair for our household.

Here is my hubby navigating a section.

Here is my Pippin on the hardest part.
This was the last section and honestly when I go halfway through this part
I locked up and needed some help.
Here is my Rosie-girl balancing gracefully on a tightrope wire.
She was laughing and having so much fun.

So many amazing things happened today and I am grateful for every ounce of it.
The girls took videos all day long so hopefully in the next few days I can post a clip or two.
For now though, my nerves are shot and my energy has left the building.


  1. What an adventure! Sleep -- you earned it. Then come back and share some more!

  2. That's it i am putting my feet up and am drinking a coffee, you and your lot did my work out for the next six months.don't stop now get to the gym get sharp you can go and turn over the veg garden and in your spair time see a DOCTOR to check your head. cool down lady.and it's not fair to him in to all.well done but mad.

  3. OOH, I would love to do this, or part of it. We don't have that type of adventure trail around there, and anyway, if we had one, I don't think I will go all by myself. it's fun when it is a family and youngsters affair. I am glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

  4. are amazing...I used to be one of the mothers who was very glad that other people like you wanted to take the youth group somewhere exciting and dangerous for the day, and I was so pleased not to have to go too...boring, arent I?

    Thanks for your visit Jules...glad you enjoyed the NY photos!


    ps It is lovely to hear the joy in your spirit and words, anticipating the visit from your are a such lovely family person!

  5. Quilly...I have been taking some of those PM pills and quite enjoying my sleep time. way my friend. It doesn't work that way. You have to conquer your own stuff.

    Kitem...I think you would have so much fun doing this. Everything is done with at least 2 instructors and you are always in harness and carabinger safety ropes. you are not boring. You are just celebrating your adventures in a different way.

  6. It looks more than a little scary, but I think I would do it! Look out belooooooooow...

  7. Craver...I wonder if there is a YWAM place close or something similar to you.

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