Monday, August 18, 2008

It is now Monday evening and I can very much feel the effects of the weekend adventures. They always say that when you work muscles that you don't necessarily use a lot you feel it the most on the second day. I can testify that statement to be a true fact. My arms are SO sore. But I am so glad for all that I did.

You sounded a bit interested in learning more details of what exactly a ropes course is and what we accomplished for the day. So, I decided to try and put together a video from what my girls captured. That in itself has been an adventure because I have never made a movie before. I separated them into three video segments for you and published them on youtube ....because it is all I could figure out today. I edited out a bunch of idle stuff so I hope you can get the jest of things without being bored.

There were many other things that we did that day to build one another up but I didn't want to chase you away with too much video.

And though there is no doubt that I have had the respect and love of everyone in the youth group, I definitely have it now. Over and over again they cheered me on, helped me, encouraged me, and cried with me. One young man even said, "From now on is it okay if I call you Brick House (from that radio song) because you are so strong and amazing?" How many times I heard, "Wow that was incredible. I know my mom would never do that!"

I learned a lot on this trip and have a bigger self awareness for myself because of it. I learned that I am strong and I don't give up easily. Those who know me in my every day life probably laugh at that comment because I always go non stop. But putting myself in a physically demanding position is different. I had never figured myself to be able to do anything like that. Now I believe in myself and can say that I am strong, I can do things, and there is a whole world in store for me just waiting to be explored.


  1. Come to California and climb Half Dome with me! Wouldn't that be fun? I'm so glad Pippin was OK after that radical hoist...I would have been terrified! Looks like everyone had fun being challenged...I was sitting on the edge of my seat just watching.

  2. Yay, you! We're going to have to change your name to Rambo. I am doubly impressed with your spirit of adventure since the first event of the day started out a little scary. You go, lady!

  3. Wow, that looks awesome! Your daughter is adorable, isn't she? Well done Jules, sounds like you took a lot of good from this away with you, too.

  4. Joni....Half Dome? I haven't heard of it. I will have to look it up. Yes I was very worried for my girl. I was the one video taping the whole thing too. She is such a trooper.

    Quilly...Thank you. Big smiles here. I feel so accomplished.

    Shrinky...Thank you, I am pretty pretty proud of my girls.
    It is so much fun. I think everyone should do something like this. You know everyone's comfort zones are different. But everyone should find times to stretch and grow.

  5. i doubt anyone could make me do these things... but it does look like fun. way to go girls!

  6. Polona...there is no pushing or forcing at this place at all. They and we only encouraged one another to do what we felt we could do.
    Thanks for the pat on the back.

    I still cringe when I watch the video of my girl looking like a rag doll up in the tree.
    Aside from that horrid mishap that had never happened was a wonderfully challenging day.

  7. Hello Jules...
    Great Blog.
    I invite you to visit Kafe Kultura.
    Enjoy it.

  8. A wonderful place to visit.
    Nice photos Jules.

  9. Kafe Kultura....hi there. I am so glad you enjoyed looking around. You are welcome to do so any time.

    Mario....Welcome. I am glad you enjoyed your visit here. We certainly had fun creating the memories.

  10. Okay, are we going to see you guys on WipeOut anytime soon? PLEASE????
    I love videos of people I "know" out in blogland...hearing voices and seeing action packed adventures, lol...great!

  11. Jules you get no sympathy from me.all the pain was it gain? i'm joking you pushed yourself and found you could do more than you though same in our christian life.the more we use our faith the stronger we can in our body's is a good show them girl that you are no wimp. 1cor 16:13-14

  12. You can be very proud of yourself, it was scary just to look at the video, and you did it! congratulation, your good, very good, Mrs Daredevill.

  13. Sandi...glad you enjoyed. What is Wipe Out? I have never heard of it. I figure it is some sort of rality show.

    Alan...Thanks. It was a day to always remember.

    Kitem...thank you. I must admit I do feel proud. But Dani...all the serious hiking you do, I bet you could do this too.


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