Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morning Advice...

The older I get the more I come to terms with the idea that shoulda coulda wouldas are debilitating AND WE tend to be the only one who sees them in our lives.

After getting up this morning and visiting with a dear friend, this item of advice has stuck in my head. Does that ever happen to you? Something that you tell someone else comes back at you and you learn from it and apply it to yourself as a new revelation?


  1. some of the best wisdom comes when we give it to others and then take it like a good medicine which when it works we can pass it on with conviction and claim the t-shirt been there done are becoming an old sage.cross out the to the family.

  2. yes, learning learning all the time, I say!

    glad you enjoyed the End of the pineapple!


  3. Well, if it was good advice when I gave it to someone else, it must be good advice when it comes back at me ....

    None of us our perfect and the surest way to make a mistake is to be convinced one can't or won't.

  4. All the time Jules..all the time :P have a great weekend

  5. Countless times I've prefaced good advice with, "This is for me as much as is is for you..."

  6. Alan...and how many of those t-shirts I do indeed own.

    Annie...I figure I will be learning until God takes me home.

    Quilly...very true. I try to keep to the thinking that I'd better not speak unless it improves the silence. So, if I say it for someone else then I'd better be ready to chew on it myself right?

    M.Kate...thank you. You too.

    Jeff...Mny times I will say "Not that I have it all figured out. This is jsut what I know from my own stuff that I struggle with..."

  7. oh yes... although sometimes it takes time to put such things in perspective...

  8. That is part of the blessing that comes with friendship! You have a wise friend, my wise friend!

  9. Polona...true yes. Sometimes it hits me like a brick and I have to laugh.

    Carol...thank you. :-)


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