Saturday, August 9, 2008

Laugh and the World Laughs With You Take 2.....

While Rosie-girl and I were driving home, she said, "Wow Mom look at the sunset. It is amazing."
I turned to look as I was driving and instantly my mind flashed to the night before when the moon showed us a sliver of a crescent shape in the sky. My thought that went with that picture was......"Oh look it is a full sun today."

Yeah I really thought that. We had a good laugh over it when I realized my silliness and shared with her. She said, "Wow Mom at least you didn't share it with a group of people like you were in a real conversation."

No I figure I will just blog it here so that everyone can have a good laugh.


  1. Hey, I've lived in Portland. I know that there exists "no sun" days!

  2. It's amazing but I live on another side of the world and we got a full sun too! Brilliant stuff.

  3. well, the moon shadow did chip off a chunk of the sun some 10 days ago (but returned it switly)

    thank you for sharing this :)

  4. Quilly...that practically never happens where you live now though.

    Cathy...Really? You had a full sun too? I'd say it is more than coincidence.

    Polona...I completely didn't think about eclipses. If only that would have been my excuse.


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