Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mirror Lake...

Here is something I wanted to share....

Two weekends ago my hubby and I figured that we had better get in one more exploration hike before the weather changes and our fall schedules try to run amok. Our goal was a small little lake up on Mt. Hood called Mirror Lake. The weather was perfect and the scenery was breath taking. Here are just a couple of the shots that I took that day.

This was one of the first bridges we had to cross after we left the highway.
I was amazed at how quickly the noise of the highway
was dimmed by the dense tree growth.

The 1.5 mile short trail was very well maintained.
As we climbed in elevation, we encountered friendly chipmunks
looking for handouts and rhododendron bushes everywhere.

This bridge connected us with our end game.....the beauty of Mirror Lake.

Amazing! We walked all the way around the lake. Along the way we came across many people with their dogs going for a swim. There were also lots of people harvesting bucket loads of crawdads for their dinner.

I love this shot.
Do you see the tip top of Mt. Hood between the trees?
It was such a wonderful day.


  1. God's country. You're making me homesick.

  2. Quilly...you are welcomed to visit any time my friend.

  3. what a beautiful place for a day hike...fulfilling to the mind and soul. I'm glad you took the time to share these pictures with us...what a gift...I can almost pretend I was there!

  4. wow photo's but what are crawdads?well we in WALES didn't get a summer this year rain and more rain so am praying for a good sept-oct.be blessed to all

  5. Jules...these are spectacular shots! I enjoy seeing Mt. Hood through your eyes!

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  7. hi jules,
    i'm afraid i'm too busy for proper blogging and am about to leave on my holiday any time now but i jsut wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    you seem to have been visiting beautiful places.
    take care, and see you in a coupleof weeks :)

  8. Joni...it would be great if you were here. Just imagine all of the great hikes and conversations.

    Alan...hopefully your weather will change soon and you can enjoy the great outdoors.
    Crawdads: some people call them crawfish. They are basically fresh water shrimp looking types of bottom dwellers.

    Carol...I am so glad you enjoyed. Hugs to you today.

    Alan...ok I will take a look.

    Polona...thank you for coming by and smiling my way today. Don't worry, there should never be any pressure to blog. I hope you have a wonderful holiday vacation. Will you be taking your camera?

  9. jules the i gave you may not work try this one


  10. Beautiful, très belle promenade (just in case you want to practise your French) very beautiful day, hike and photos, the surroundings of your place are simply wonderful.
    But what on Earth are CRAWDADS??

  11. Kitem...(very beautiful walk)
    I did that without my dictionary. (smiles)
    Crawdads: it sure doesn't sound appealing does it? Some people call them crawfish. I don't know of any other name for them. Basically they are fresh water shrimp.

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