Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Days....

I still have many more things to share while I was away from blog land......but today I will wait and instead say this.....

After home schooling for 12 years, it is now day 2 of my girls being in high school full time.
How do I feel? That is a good question. A question that I don't know if I am ready to answer.

I believe whole heartedly that even though it is a very overwhelming adjustment for them...they will be just fine. Adapting to crowded halls, angst teens, and multi tasking schedules is all part of the "right of passage" to growing up. In a short amount of time, those crazy schedules will be old hat to them and they will know all the secret short cuts around what I am told is the biggest school in Oregon.

As for me.....I am getting my walking in (I did 4 miles this morning) so that feels good. I was able to blog visit today and that is an accomplishment. And I am doing little projects around the house.

But I don't feel that I am really here. It is like I am not thinking and just watching me next to myself.
It will take me a while.

It is funny because I have a few well intentioned friends that have posed the thought, "Hey now that you have all this free time we can go for coffee, lunch, shopping, you can volunteer for this, and I need...........blah blah blah.

I have skirted around it all and not committed to a single thing. I don't want to be busy. I don't want to obligate to anything. I don't want someone else to plan my time. I know that I will eventually become busy...but those are my choices to make.

Don't worry. I am not angry. I just feel a small voice rising in my as I write this wanting to say, "Tout le monde!" (is that right Kitem?)


  1. "I am not angry. I just feel a small voice rising in my as I write this wanting to say, "Tout le monde!" (is that right Kitem?)"
    I just felt I had to come back to your blog to night, it is the second time today and you are talking directly to me, isn't funny? as you say, some kind od God wink.
    And, another funny surprise, I don't understand what you mean, at the end of the sentence: tout le monde, do you mean "tout le monde" everybody wants to think in my place?
    Or you want to say: I want "tout le monde" everybody let me alone for sometimes while I adjust to life without my girls at home?
    Which I understand perfectly well.

  2. Kitem...thank you for helping me out. Every time I think I retain a small bit of French...I find I made a mistake. It is funny. One day in the future my evenings will be free and I can take classes again.

  3. talk to you in a weeks time you will be looking for things to about wrighting a book pray and let the Lord lead.Kitem call over.nice to meet new bloggers.see you soon.Gods love to all as the girls go to school pray that they will begiven to them favour in the new school.Amen.

  4. Jules don't use link i gave you found out to be a con.sorry alan

  5. Hi Jules, you have 2 girls in high school? no kidding..i thought you looked like in your mid 20's...i am serious ok. And you walked 4 miles? wow..i am envious, that's probably how much i walked for the entire week! OK, time to exercise!! I am looking forward to this type of life :D happy weekend

  6. Alan...oh I don't know about getting bored just yet. My dad from Texas will be here in about 2 weeks. Then our oldest daughter is visiting. Then a retreat, anniversary, birthday, is a busy fall.
    Thank you for praying for my girls.

    M.Kate...Are you serious?! Giggle giggle you are the best. How that made my day. I was feeling particularly frumpy today.
    I will be 38 in December. Hubby and I have our two girls (yes in high school ages 17 and 14) and then I have 3 step children and 1 foster son. My oldest step daughter is 28, son is 25, other boy(who died a few years ago) and foster boy are both 20.
    Bless you.

  7. I understand perfectly what you say. Having had four childeren all within a space of five years, for years my life was a whirlwind of activity from the minute I opened my eyes. Having a son who was also profoundly disabled, there were sinmply never enough hours in the day.

    Now my youngest is eleven, my special needs boy has blossomed and strengthend, he is strong and healthy now. I savour my days, the time I can pause to watch the birds sing, the peace of pottering around the house on my own. Coffee mornings, lunch dates, shopping? I politely but firmly resist, my time is far too precious. I am never bored, it's a pure joy to pursue what I want to do, when I want to do it.

    Enjoy your time Jules, spend it to enhance your day. It's good to pause once in a while. (Smile)

  8. Shrinky...thank you for your understanding and encouragement.
    That is so wonderful to hear that your family is doing so well and that you protect your moments. Good for you.
    Thank you for your smiles today.

  9. enjoy taking some time for you...these are days of discovery for the girls and you too! I think they are going to do great at their new school...what a big step!

  10. Take some time to reorient yourself to who you are, and to listen to God as he leads you into the next pahse of your life. If you fill all your free time with busyness, you may miss an awesome God-opportunity.

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