Friday, September 5, 2008

Touring Thru a Portion of the Columbia Gorge......

One of the many things the girls and I did while I was away from blog land was take our visiting Hawaiian friends on a tour of the old scenic highway in the Columbia Gorge. It was definitely a day of giggles, sighs of awe, and adventure.

As I pulled down into my mom's driveway to pick up our guests,
my Rosie girl said, "Hey Mom look at those sun flowers.
They look like Mickey Mouse!"

Our first look-around was at the scenic Vista House.
Locals around here affectionately call it Crown Point.
This photo is a shot looking east.
The Columbia River is the state boundary line with Washington
on the left and Oregon on the right.

Our first waterfall hike was one of my personal favorites
called La Tourelle Falls.
There is my group headed towards the sound of falling water.

Amazing isn't it?
I pointed out various features to our friends concerning the moss, falls, and
the geology of the basalt rock while my girls hiked all around the water area
looking for treasures.

Indeed a treasure was found. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Pippin took pity on this little guy. She found him close to the water and decided
that he was so chilled by the water that he didn't even have the energy
to hop away when she got close.
So, into her warm hands he went until his temperature perked up and
she set him free in some warm moss.

Our next stop was a short mile hike to Bridal Veil Falls, another of my personal favorites.
This is the bridge one must cross at the bottom of the hike to get to the falls area.

Here is the lower portion of Bridal Veil Falls.
See that speck of a person sitting on the left side of that big rock? That is my Pippin.
Every time we go out to this area, my girls love to climb all over the rocks
and soak in the beauty.

I couldn't resit putting up a couple of pictures of our dear friends.
Left to right is Lilly, myself, and Mary. These wonderful ladies are precious sisters
and always full of so much infectious joy.
Mary first became a part of our family years ago when she and my mom
met and attended school together in Japan.
We are so grateful to have them in our lives.

Our last waterfall of the day was to visit Multnomah Falls. We shot some pictures, gasped and awed and the splendor, and then sat down for well deserved ice cream cones.


  1. So, I'm curious. Do you speak any Japanese? If I could live anywhere outside the USA, I would want to live in Osaka, Japan. I visited that wonderful place for a few days for a short term missions trip.

  2. Craver...I actually only know a few catch phrases and words. My mom spent many years living in Japan and I was born in Japan. Our Rosie-girl was born in Okinawa while we were stationed there with the Air Force. Even with all of that, I don't know enough Japanese to even attempt to take care of myself in a full on conversation.

    You went to Osaka on a missions trip? That is wonderful. What kinds of things did you do while you were there? Do you know a bit of the language?

  3. These are fantastic photos! What a perfect place to take your guests, I'm sure they loved every moment. I have some dear sweet friends who live in Japan. I'd like to visit them sometime (especially since they've been to our home three times). I'm happy you could share some of our country's natural looks to be such a heavenly place.

  4. I like to take people on the waterfall tour too. I could see them a million times and never tire of them.

  5. Wow great series of photos from your trip - really enjoyed it!!!

  6. Magnifique, thank you so much for sharing the tour with your dearest friends, I love the way you describe the places you like, it's like we were hiking with you, you live in a very beautiful area. You, your friends, and your girls look very happy to be together and enjoying yourselves. Your mum's driveway looks beutiful too.

  7. Joni...I bet that would be wonderful to visit your friends sometime. How did you first meet them? Did you do a foriegn exchange program?

    Jeff...We sure are spoiled to live in such a great place.

    Jules...hi there. It is nice to see your smiling face here. I am glad you enjoyed the "tour".

    Kitem...I am so glad you enjoyed.
    You were there with me. In everything I do, I seem to be writing in my head how I can share with my online friends and what you will say in response.
    As for my mom's driveway, I think she has a pretty special place too. She and my dad work so hard to make it a peaceful setting every year and it is well worth the effort. I was just there tonight helping her do the watering and thinking how spoiled I am to be able to be around al lthe beauty.

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