Sunday, October 12, 2008

God is so Good and Amazing....

God is so good and amazing!

I never tire of saying that and as long as I have known Him, I still get amazed fresh and new each time He does something.

Some of you have asked for updates on the progress of our preparations for "Pippin's" mission trip to Uganda. Here is how things stand.....

-We have secured round trip tickets for $1599 and that includes the fare and all applicable taxes.
-We are working with a travel clinic that will be dispersing the vaccine medications for a fraction of the regular cost.
-It only took a week and a half to receive her passport in the mail.
-As of today, she has received sponsorships from family and friends for $1400. A couple of those people were even blogger friends! My goodness how overwhelming it was to receive emails from you asking for us to send a sponsor letter to your snail mail. There is so much love, generosity, and compassion in that giving.

Do you see it? Do you see how and why God is so good and amazing?

He is bringing this all together.
Hiccups? way. Have you ever heard of someone getting their passport in 10 days?
The excellent ticket price, the sponsor is all happening because God is whispering and people are listening. We are so humbled at watching it all unfold and we are anxious to see how He will handle the rest of it.

What is left to be done?

The pastors have asked that though pants are more acceptable than they used to be, the girls should wear long skirts or dresses. Since winter is setting in here and current clothing styles can hard to wade through, I will be making 4-5 skirts for her to take on the trip.

Gather the list of items for packing that aren't always thought of. You know things like: bug repellent, sun screen (it is their summer in December and will be 90 degrees in Kampala), extra vitamin boosts, and protein bars. I am sure we will be adding much more to the list before it is all over with. Those are just things on the top of my mind.

Secure funds and reservations for appropriate lodging and daily expenses. We are told that living conditions even in the city are not quite optimal and an appropriate hotel with security will run a little over $100 per night. Pippin and one other girl are going so they will be able to room together and share the cost.

pray for us as we go through all of this preparation. This is all such a big step and we are doing every ounce of it with smiles. But at times the days seem to run into each other. A normal day has school running a majority of the day and Pippin being on the drama tech crew every evening. Then the night has music lessons, worship practice, youth gatherings, and Uganda team meetings. She does much of her homework during her first period class and so far seems to be handling it all well.

I am so excited for her. This trip will affect and shape the rest of her life.


  1. jules you need to check the prices for Hotels in Uganda.I don't know of the prices you have been can ask my Daughter or her husband Pastor Derry Flay . they can tell you how things are out there, she would be happy to answer. but hotels at $100don't thing so. please email her she would love to put your mind at rest.Derry Just came back with His team from Uganda.????????? how is your father now he has gone back home . love to you all.

  2. Jules Daughters name is Sara.

  3. God Blesses those who do His work! I'm so sure that He has blessed the preparations and the home coming!


  4. Jules...They will remain in my prayers. This is SO exciting...and a little nerve-wracking for you, I'm certain.

  5. Alan...thank you for looking out for us. I will be sending an email to your daughter. I just know that things in Kampala are pretty spendy but we will do the best that we can and God will arrange even that.

    Sandi...thank you for the encouragement. is a bit nerve wracking when my "self" wants to run in and take charge. Things aren't in place quick enough for me. But then I am reminded that it is not my time table. I am not the one being served here and God will make all the necessary things come about. I am constantly reminded of the patience and trust I have yet to learn.

  6. Alan...where is your new site?

  7. Didn't I tell you I went on a mission trip and loved every second -- and I'd like to help Pippin, too? IF I didn't tell you, I sure thought I did.


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