Monday, December 1, 2008


The last few days have been such a whirlwind of things to do. Along with all of Pippin's packing and preparations we had the fun of a few days worth of celebrations. Thursday was Thanksgiving. After jumping up early in the morning to make a double batch of dinner rolls, we headed up to my mom's house for fun with 24 members of the family. There was so much food and we enjoyed every ounce of it. Oh my, even thinking about it now makes my tummy hurt.

How is this for before and after?

Here is hubby and I enjoying our share of turkey and stuffing.

The next evening we spent across town with some 35 members of Hubby's family that were in town for the holiday. Nephews and nieces, aunties and uncles, young and was so good to see everyone and share updates, encouragements, and love.
(sadly I do not have a picture of that evening.)

Saturday evening was spent at a friend's house for the Oregon Civil War Game. It was a hoot to watch the gang yell it out for each tackle and tease one another. Maybe you can see a small bit of the rivalry in the photo below. One of the Beaver fans nabbed the Ducks little stuffed mascot and hung him in a noose around the projector platform. As the winning score proved, it wa a futile attempt at proclaiming victory.

Sunday was church service, family visiting, and then THE PACKING.
It took us a few hours to sort items, roll clothes, and write out directions for the different vitamins and such I wanted her to take along. One 30 lb. suitcase and 2 carry-on bags later she was ready to go.

We had been buzzing for so long with check lists, fundraisers, shopping, and meetings. It felt strange to have it all done and not think of anything else that needed attention. As I tucked Pippin into bed last night we both were thinking that same unspoken thought......"This is the last time for two weeks".

Are you wondering why a 17 year old is getting tucked into bed? It is okay. Really I don't baby my girls. At least I don't THINK I baby them. Pippin has just always reveled in that quiet snuggle time. No matter what the day has been like, even if we have been at whits end with one another......she will jump under the covers and give me that sparkly eyed look while peeking out from her blankets and looking just like she did as a giggly toddler.

As the clocks stopped keeping their time and the earth froze in rotation, we snuggled and didn't say a word as we both thought of the new world door that was opening before her in just a few hours.

Watching her go through the security gate and walking down the airport breezeway for as long as I could this morning, I felt proud. She had a big smile on her face as she took care of her teammates and stepped forward. Yes I had tears rolling down my cheeks and moments when I wanted to yell "Wait! One more hug!" But I know she is entering into an amazing destiny and purpose right now that I can only begin to wrap my brain around.

I know she will be fine. I know she is safe. I am sure the time will go by quickly.
As I write this, she is flying somewhere close to Amsterdam right now and still has another 8 hours of flying to go. It is such an adventure. Oh the stories we will hear when she comes back.


  1. Hi Sis glad you enjoyed thanksgiving.mothers being mothers Now Pippin using her God given Wing's.growing up.she will have a lot to tell you when she get's back.she will be changed. seeing what GOD can and does do.she will take time to hear what God want's for her life and help her to go for name for you GREYWOLF(protector).Joy and Peace To You all in Jesus. St. PODDY.

  2. Prayers for safe journeying for Pippin, Jules..and for you and the family at home!

    I have my little US family safe and sound here for a couple of weeks...just wonderful! Lovely to see them again, esp the baby! What a cutie pie!

    God Bless, Annie

    ps Hope those migraines have gone!

  3. Whew , what a few days you ahve ahd...and an interview on David's blog...great!


  4. Pride, fear, anticipation, excitement, trepidation, hope -- so many emotions, how could you not cry? I just did reading this!

    Pippin is on the Bible Study prayer list. I sent you the link in an email. You should have no trouble joining us even without the material if you have your Bible (and I know you likely have more than one!).

  5. What a Thanksgiving that was! It made me envious, then it made me tired! You have every reason to be proud of your lovely daughter...every reason in the world...God will take care of her, never fear, and like you say, time will fly by...

  6. Thanksgiving, to-be-sure. God is watching over your baby, Jules. You know that! You have lots of reasons to be a proud mother and protector!

  7. That looked like a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was great that you shared the event and the lovely photos. Always a bit sad saying goodbye. I hate airports. Your daughter looks a lovely lass!

  8. What a range of emotions you two must have gone through. Looking forward to hearing about her adventures.

  9. Sounds and looks like a Happy Thanksgiving with the family.

  10. jules a joke for the week ....I Descend Into Hell

    A college drama group presented a play in which one character would
    stand on a trap door and announce, "I descend into hell!" A stagehand
    below would then pull a rope, the trapdoor would open, and the character
    would plunge through.

    The play was well received. When the actor playing the part became ill,
    another actor who was quite overweight took his place. When the new actor
    announced, "I descend into hell!" the stagehand pulled the rope, and the
    actor began his plunge, but became hopelessly stuck. No amount of tugging
    on the rope could make him descend.

    One student in the balcony jumped up and yelled: "Hallelujah! Hell is full!". Have a happy week love to all in Jesus.

  11. All we ask is that our children remain safe.

    I know, Jules. We're living this as well.

  12. I'm choking back tears just imagining her boarding the plane...she's not even my daughter and I'm proud of her...and no worries...I still tuck my 19 year old in once in a doesn't matter how old they are, they'll always be our babies ~

    can't wait to hear the stories!


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