Saturday, December 6, 2008

The World Isn't So Big With Text Messaging......

You are all so good and faithful to me....even when I don't get on the computer all week long. Thank you so much for your prayers, your e-notes, your willingness to 'wear my shoes', and your cheers. Some of you have even added Pippin to your prayer group lists. Wow! Thank you.

You have been wondering how Pippin is doing.
I have received some text messages from her that give me a glimpse of her new world. There is a bit of "boy I could use a mom hug" in between the lines. But mostly there is the incredible-ness of a new world being opened.
She has said things like........
"The children call me 'Madame'"
"I have made so many new friends."
"All the children crowd around and try to hold my hands at the same time."
"We had pizza today but it didn't really taste like pizza."

During the first few days of their tour, they visited a couple of villages, including Hope Village. I was really excited to find that website and informational video. As I watched it, I felt closer and gained understanding. I thought things like, "In a few hours she will be walking on that street or maybe talking with that child." I can't wait to sit with her and hear all the stories and adventures, see the growth and maturity in her eyes that only experience can give.

I have been keeping busy. Aside from one mega headache that made me useless for a couple of days, I have been Christmas shopping and doing all the regular house wife/mom kinds of things. As soon as Pippin gets back from Uganda, our oldest daughter comes into town for a week with her beau and we will be celebrating Christmas early. That means things have to be ready early.

My sweet "Rosie-girl" was so wonderful today. We put up our tree tonight and after I strung the lights she and her girlfriend did all the decorating. I am so grateful.

How is it that at 37 years old I can't balance and multi-task like I did just one year ago? I look back at that ME standing in my kitchen with 4 teens at home, a hubby, 2 dogs, the door, cell phone, and land line all vying for my attention at the same time while bread bakes in the oven and dinner cooks on the stove.......nothing burns....everyone is satisfied, and I wasn't overwhelmed......and I think "Who in the world was THAT woman?"

It makes me laugh. For now the smallest of things jumbles up my brain while days can go by and I cannot account for anything worthwhile being accomplished. I take great joy in the truth of knowing....."and this too shall pass".

(David at Authorblog gave this post an honorable mention in his Post of the Day spot. Thank you David for being so supportive and riding this ride along with me.)


  1. Thanks for the update on Pippin. I will let the Bible Study troupe know. It isn't too late for you to join us! The link is in the sidebar of my blog.

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  3. Texting and instant messaging can be great can't they?

  4. Hi Jules
    We can do many things with technology today, the list never seems to stop growing.

  5. Text messaging gives us instant international contact in a way we would not have thought possible ten years ago.

  6. So glad your daughter is having a wonderful experience . . . and that texting keeps you guys closer than had it been several years ago. Enjoy getting ready for the festive gathering!

  7. "The Children all crowd around me and try to hold my hands at the same time"...that line alone made me cry...I can't imagine just how proud of sweet Pippin you are...but I can try.

  8. Jules, it's so nice to hear about your daughter's wonderful experiences. Congratulations on makind David's list!


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