Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Saga of Snow Globes...

The first Christmas that we had here in Portland after retiring from the Air Force was in 1995. Unknown to me at the time, amongst the many memories of family visits, fun dinners, celebrations, gift exchanges, and weather watching......a new collection was to be birthed in our home.
My brother-in-law had given us a snow globe. It was a sweet and thoughtful gift. It held a simple nativity scene and when shaken, large snowflakes danced around much to the delight of our young girls.
It was the first snow globe we ever owned.

In 1997, my mom and Nana dropped by for a surprise visit after conquering some serious store shopping. Excitedly they showed us 2 large snow globes that they had purchased for us. One was an intricate nativity scene and the other was a joyous Santa. Fanciful glitter floated around the 2 scenes while Christmas music played from secret compartments underneath and a carousel of detail spun around the outside bottom stands. They had purchased both because they couldn't decide which would bring more delight to our girls.
I thought it was a nice gesture and absently wondered, "wow what am I going to do with 3 snow globes?"

The following year it started getting interesting. Our oldest boy decided we would appreciate his collection of 6 little trinket snow globes....since we already had 3. Then my mother-in-law stopped by with yet another little globe that plays music and holds a picture frame inside. She said that since she noticed we COLLECTED globes, she was sure that this one would make a happy addition.
Then we acquired another from a gift exchange.

Last year, as we unpacked the Christmas decorations, I realized just how many snow globes were in the box. Eleven orbs of sparkling glass looked up at me seeking to be shaken and admired. From big to small, fancy to simple...there they were all saying, "We are your collection!"
I started laughing, for while I had always thought snow globes were an interesting craft and certainly pretty.......I had never felt the need to own any.

Last Christmas, our oldest daughter and her beau were here for a few days to celebrate. As I unwrapped a gift from them........I found..........a silver angelic snow globe looking up at me from the box. Our daughter exclaimed, "Do you like it? I told him we couldn't go wrong with a snow globe because I know you collect them."
I smiled and gave them both a hug of appreciation. It was a pretty globe and a thoughtful gift.

I must admit that last year I made comments and jokes to my husband about the irony of collections and the idea that globes were something I never thought much about or wanted to collect and now everyone has decided that we collect them.

This year though,as I look around at our Christmas decorations, I have found myself shaking the globes.....admiring the globes......enjoying the globes......and wondering if we will have an addition to our collection this year.
Boy am I goofy and fickle.


  1. My wife has a collection of teapots. Once you have three, you are a collector. People will then buy them as a gift because you are a collector

    An Arkie's Musings

  2. Richies....So three is the magic number huh?

  3. jules i'm going around looking for teapots not for me but for my daughters mother in law. aPastor friend and his wife come over from the U.S.A. she collect teapots so i got some for her . then my daughters mother in law started .so everywhere i go i go around all second hand shop,now on first names with the shop girls. i'm the teapot man.

  4. Alan- the Teapot man. That is cute.

  5. Don't you know that's how collections start!?


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