Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Promise I'm Not Ignoring You....

Our Internet has been out for a few days and will be out for a few more. I am actually checking mail today and writing this post from my office at church.
Wow! I didn't realize how addicted I am to blogging and checking in with everyone. I have felt like....why even bother to have the computer on if I can't be online. That is bad.
So, blessings be to you and I will swing by for a big hello as soon as I am able.



  1. That happened to me back in the summer & lasted 3 weeks and I was in quite a state by theend of it.
    We will still be here!

  2. You're a better woman than I am! (In more ways than one... HA!)

    Maybe I should start again.... It's been a year.

  3. Enjoy the did we ever survive without cell phones and the Internet? I recall it was quite fun!

  4. hahaha..! I know the feeling, being addicted to this blogging thing-y, its the first thing I do in the morning. My husband said..if only I am as addicted to exercising as in this blogging. Happy weekend :D

  5. I hope your net comes back before you forget how to blog!

  6. Catch up with all the things you have neglected...all the books you have not read, the deep down cleaning, the pile of ironing grown too big for the cupboard, the long long walks you promised your dog. No, hang on, that's me, the dedicated addicted blogger.

  7. Does that mean you had to go ... outside? What was that like? :)

  8. And here I thought it was something I said. hehehe

    Sorry you're having net woes.

    BTW- Kevin, that would be a yes to getting back in the game.

  9. Come on Mrs just go down to the church each day and blog you got nothing else to do all day just sitting by the fire drinking tea and eating cake the girls looking after themself and hubby doing his own cooking after a hard day's work. you women have it easy. It's not from me it's From somebody called Brad Pitt who ever he is.??????? love to you all Pod.

  10. We'll be ready to welcome you back!

  11. Jeff B said...
    And here I thought it was something I said. hehehe

    No Jeff, you're just a dork.

    Hey there. Don't keep on going and post when you can. I agree with the poster who asked how we ever got by without all this technology. I think it was better then. LOL!

  12. Jules call over to Mae's and hear about the Doctor????

  13. i know what you mean by having an internet; cant use it.. i am addicted too... so dont worry we can understand ... take your time

    God bless you

  14. Hi Jules,
    I understand what you mean about being online!

    Very busy here right now, but wanted to let you know that the packet arrived! Thanks SO very much!

  15. My son said the other day he thought it would be neat if all technology shut down. No interenet, no computers etc. I have no idea why this child thought that since he is soooo addicted to texting and tv. I, on the otherhand, started shaking my head no to him immediately. I NEED/WANT MY INTERNET!! hehe

    Glad yours is working again!


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