Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's Thought....

When Pippin and her team came back from Uganda, they brought back a huge bag of crafted bead necklaces. Every time I look at these beads I am so amazed.

The Ugandan women dye paper and then cut them up into long triangular strips. Then starting with the wider end, they roll them up tightly and soak them in a glue resin to make beads. They are so beautiful!
I love to make crafts and I think I am a relatively patient person.....but I cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to make just one string of beads.

When I look closely at some of the beads, I can see that some of them must have been made from newspaper or magazine print because I can see words running in and out of the bead wrap.
There are long strings with fat beads and shorter strings holding slender elegant beads with 2 or 3 strands together to make a single necklace. The Ugandan women at the Kampala church were selling these for the equivalent of $2.50 per necklace.

Our team offered to buy a big bag and sell them for a minimum donation of $5 each and send the money back to the church in Kampala as a much needed fund raiser.
It seems that everywhere I go, people love the beads and want to purchase a set even if they don't wear jewelry. I think it is a great way for people to feel like they are involved with trying to help and contribute even in our currently tight economy.

(click here to enlarge)

Every time I look at these beads I think about how we as a society live with so much and yet still find things to grumble about. When I think about making such beautiful pieces of jewelry and selling them for such a small amount of money for an makes me feel very humble.

I praise You Lord for your eyes that see and your love that covers us even when we are unaware.


  1. It amazes me how much work many people in the world have to do for such small amounts of money. I can't imagine anyone in the U.S. making this jewelry

    An Arkie's Musings

  2. These are absolutely beautiful...and they are for sale? What a wonderful, selfless gesture to help sell them for the does that work with the money exchange? I would be interested...let me know!

  3. Richies...I completely agree with you. I remember when minimum wage was considered a decent salary for a hard days work and now I often hear complaints that it isn't enough.
    Now, I am not standing on a soap box here. Just making a general observation.

    Joni...I agree. They are so beautiful. I keep picking more and more that I want for myself.
    I am glad you like them.
    You have my email address, so if you would like to let me know a style you prefer, I can send it your way.
    As for the money exchange, we are sending a large sum of money over all at once and the church will exchange it for the daily rate. It is better to exchange in large amounts because there is a fee for money conversions and it is the same whether exchanging a small or large amount.

  4. I'd be interested too. I love blue and my girls would love brown. My email is willowknits at yahoo do t co m

    My husband and I have supported a boy in Uganda for YEARS and love to hear how he is progressing in school.

    My nephew and his wife (also from Portland) were in Uganda a year ago right now for a month.

    All this makes me want to wear beads from Uganda to celebrate 'our boy' who lives there and the ministries that many people doing to help the children of Uganda. And I love it that the funds will go straight back to the Church there.

  5. you make a good sales lady for the Lord'd work. May all the beads be sold.just been asked to go Uganda End of Feb,praying about it. and U.S.A. in sept for three weeks. would be nice to get some sun on my back.all coming in a few day,s.we have had a cold winter and more to come.Brrrrr Brrrrrr. I wish the polabear would stop following me.But spring on the way.Off to church the son in law is speaking in a new church not far from me with some of is team.Have a JESUS WEEK.

  6. BEAUTIFUL beads, I am fully amazed and to think of the time spent, am so glad that she bought so many :D

  7. Oh Jules, these are so beautiful. I have a thought running around in my brain - a blogger in uganda - wife of an aid worker and what she has set up within a year of being there (and having daughter No.3).... let me sleep on it.

    Sincere thanks for your visit to my blog - have finally posted the 7 hour lamb .

    Those beads are so, so incredible.

    Will be in touch, care and huggles, Michelle (Zebby cat sound, very soundly asleep)

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  9. They beads are very beautiful. Beads is an accessory that I cannot do without. Got to have the beads.

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  11. I can't believe that Pippin is already home...what a wonderful trip she must have had. The beads are very beautiful, I know you will treasure them.

  12. What lovely beads. They look like semi precious stones. Can hardly believe they are made from paper. Aren't these ladies clever?

  13. I agree with Maggie May, they look like stones! Amazing the talent in making these. Very pretty and made great photos too!

  14. wow, thats for sharing with us such a beautiful art


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