Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Apple A Day...

An apple a day keeps the doctor the saying goes. I think there is something missing from this old wives' tale because even though I keep our fruit basket stocked, it doesn't seem to be working over here.

For the passed week Pippin has been showing an array of bothersome symptoms ranging from general fatigue and loss of appetite to persistent dizziness, neck aches and headaches. I took her in to see our family physician and whipped out my list of my own suggestions. (Yes I am one of those people who doesn't know a whole lot about medicine but find it interesting enough that I have retained an ample amount of tidbit facts from my days of work at the hospital.)

We went thru everything: symptoms, vital stats, and general check over.
Ears fine, glands fine, intestines fine, eyes good. No inner ear infection, no anemia, no mononucleosis.

Our doctor, who used to practice in Africa, has decided to begin treatment for malaria. Go figure. Apparently, even though Pippin took her preventative 40 doses of medicine, she missed a day here and there and just made up for it later on. I remember her sharing with me that the day before she left Uganda, she awoke with huge bites down her back. Sigh.......

Pippin is home today because she is so dizzy she can barely walk. Poor kid. I have caught her so many times as the room spins out from under her feet.
I must say that the diagnosis is not official yet. I have not heard the results of the lab work. It takes time for those things. And our doctor also commented to me that the lab here is not quite equipped do deal with the malaria test (there isn't much call for malaria testing in the NW) so she isn't sure how accurate the results will be.
Post note: It has taken me 5 hours to write this. She is holding down a cup of broth and just asked for some pudding. Yeah!


  1. Oh my! Let's hope for the best and a quick recovery...poor Pippin! Keep us posted and know you are in thought and prayer ~

  2. Hi Jules, malaria is common in Africa and Asia, over here Malaysia, lots of precaution are taken to prevent it. Do take care of her and she needs lots of fluid intake. Hope she gets well soon.

  3. The poor girl, I hope the treatment works soon for her.

    Pippin - what a beautiful name.

    Sending thoughts of wellness and healing, Michelle

  4. Oh my...poor girl. I do hope she starts to feel better soon. It is a salutory lesson in protecting oneself in these exotic places. My youngest daughter is in Thailand, and won't be told. Fingers crossed.

  5. The post note suggests she's on the mend. I sure hope so. I'm praying with you for her today.

  6. Oh dear..... that is awful. Hope she is soon over it.

  7. Regarding food it's not fair, it's over there.and Pippa sounds like she has malaria but pray against it.sad but some in the family and friends came back with it over the years. and other's go back and foe without getting bitten.son in law going next week with is brother to get the new settlement started for the speaking in a few churchs.pray Pippa get's healed and not put her off going to you all and Jules i see you follow your nan.????


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