Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you for your prayers.
"M" sent messages to Pippin throughout the day about the condition of his mom. As evening came on his messages became shorter and her condition worsened.
About 45 minutes ago "M"'s mom passed on.

Now is when things seem even more hard. This is what he has been preparing for for so long. He worked to keep his mom comfortable and cared for and now there is nothing more to do. No more weekend visits. No more daily talks. No more doctor appointments.
The next week or so will be numbing and automatic for him as things happen. There will be a service and things to be done. Knowing "M" he will feel an obligation to get back into his studies quickly.
But then the routine will set in. Routine daily events that scream not routine in his heart because his mom is gone.

If this 17 year old young man happens to come to your mind throughout your days, please say a prayer for him to be covered in the peace and comfort that only God can bring.


  1. will do. and do tell him many people are praying for him and his future. Love Alan.

  2. I am so sad to hear that, send all my love and compassion to M. It is going to be a difficult time for him.
    Please help him as much as you're able to fight against his greedy family, law is for him, they can't take away what belongs to him.

  3. So much for one boy to handle...I hope he allows God to carry a part of that heavy prayers will include him...he's so lucky to have friends like you who are so supportive...bless you...

  4. I am glad he has a relationship with God -- and with you -- so he might feel just a little less alone.

    What has happened to this youngman's home life? How much will it change?

  5. Thanks for the update Jules...will pray for him!

    And I wondered if I could request prayers for my sister and son and their families in Melbourne, where there are terrible bushfires raging throughout the state. My sister has just sent me a late email tonight saying the fires were at suburbs near her...and that she had just heard that 40 people may have died in one suburb...she also said that there was a fire near where my son lives today. I haven't heard from him, so am hoping all is well there too with him and his little family!

    Many thanks for prayers, Annie

  6. Jules, that is just heartbreaking. I pray he has the strength to see that his mother is finally home.


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