Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sometimes I Just Don't Understand....

I don't have anything eloquent to share tonight. I simply feel the need to share our resent experiences.

While Pippin was attending CAL last year, she gained the friendship of "M". He is such a sweet guy and has become a cherished friend to her. They often had lunch together as they discussed their school time woes....hers of graphic arts/IT and his of being a med student. Since before they ever met, "M"'s mom has battled cancer. It was the driving force for "M" to become a med student. He wanted to further the field of cancer research in the hopes of one day helping his mom.

This past weekend his mom was placed in the hospital with no hope. The doctors gave her a prognosis of a couple of days left here on earth. "M" gathered his things together and went to be by her side. It has now been 5 days for this 17 year old skipping school and all other responsibilities to make sure that his mom is well cared for. He wants to make sure that her time is spent in comfort. He is at peace and has determined to be vigilant in making sure his mom is peaceful too.

We went to visit him tonight, bringing him his favorite ice cream...ears to listen....and arms to hold. As he unloaded his woes of family he started to unwind....transferring his demeanor back and forth between vigilant protector to scared little boy. The parents are divorced, the extended family is vying for money and possessions even as his mother sleeps in her merciful medical induced coma. It was so sad. The extended family actually took the mom's checkbook from her hospital belongings with the intent of forging checks for what they feel they are that is said in the will to go to "M" and his little brother. Sadly there is no power of one to take charge of the situation. All the while, "M" is reeling in the shock of ...not the greed...but the priority focus and the lack of.

The poor kid. I gave advice as best as I could. We got him to laugh and think of other things for a bit. We hugged and prayed with him. As we hugged he sighed heavily and said, "Wow thank you. I really needed that."

I don't know what to say or write.
I know I feel more grateful for my family tonight as my heart grieves for his.
I know that as I lay down in my flannel sheets tonight "M" will be standing watch over his mom.
This young man having to do such grown up matters when the grownups act like children.....


  1. Jules, cancer is a terrible disease. I lost my dad to cancer 10 years ago, I saw a strong 6 footer reduced to a frail old man, he weighted only 45 kgs a week before he died. Poor M, to lose his mom and worst, to have such relatives, they are greedy beyond anything else. Hug him for me too, Jules and I am glad that you were there for him. When we are down and the lowest pit, it helps tons to have family or in this case, friends, even a hug means everything at times like this. You are a good friend Jules. Much love, M

  2. So very sad. You are doing the best you can to comfort this young man with not only the passing of his mother to cope with, but the long term results of the greed and disgusting behaviour of some relatives. Thank goodness he has friends like you and your daughter.

  3. It seems that not only is his mother dying, but his family is self-destructing. Their kind of behavior is betrayal, and it leaves wounds that never heal. I have said a prayer for M, for his mother, and for his relatives.

  4. Jules you know and i know that God see's all. thank you for being there for M. pray justice will be Pod.

  5. Prayers for you all, and especially for M, his Mom, and his family!


  6. A crisis like an impending death can bring out the worst in people. At least one is keeping his head. Hugs and prayers to the family (and to you) - D

  7. I am very sad for this young man, I think the law won't accept checks made when his mum is not conscious, there are laws to protect people against such thing, give him please the advice to see a councellor or someone who know the law, he needs protection against such a vile family.
    All my heart to him and his mother.


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