Monday, March 23, 2009

Say Awe......

Seriously, is there anyone who could even try to resist that face?

Saturday was of course all new for Kekoa and us both with the long distance driving and learning all the new things in this big new world. Car noises, giant people walking everywhere, taking a bath, being without his brothers and was all a shock.

Yesterday I had him in the car all day long. After church we went up to visit my folks and Kekoa met Lani and my brother's beautiful golden retriever.....another first for him to see a dog so big.

So that is why today is Day 1 of 'normal home living'. It is now 11am and we have played, eaten, done business several times, slept, played, and slept again. It is like having a baby in the house. He has to know where I am at all times and really prefers touching me when possible. House training has gone well and so far I have gotten him outside every time.

I think I will take him to the vet today to get an update on his baby shots. I are thinking "more trauma".

Blogger note....For some weird reason, only half of my comment notifications end up in my email box. I am having to make it a point to go to my blog and see if anyone has commented because many of them I don't see otherwise. And if someone comments on an older post I wonder if I will ever know........
Do you have any idea how I can fix this? I have tried to reset my email address in my preferences but that didn't do any good. It's frustrating. I don't want to miss anyone.


  1. Jules - I'm impressed you haven't had any accidents, yet. I can tell that you are a very good dog owner.

  2. Wow! No accidents. Cute and intelligent -- only in the doggy world.

  3. Now you are Scooper Pooper.He as got you around His little cold nose.Enjoy.

  4. Would you just look at that little face??? Dogs are truly God's gift to us, aren't they?

    Peace - D

  5. Hello, Jules,
    Thank you so very much for your visit, and your oh-so-very kind words! I am so thrilled to "meet" you ...a fellow lover of Westies, and a Ted Dekker fan as well???? My son reads Dekker perpetually... rereads, and rereads...And so, I have found a "kindred" bloggie spirit! Blessings to you as well!~Janine

  6. When our Cairn terrier Skye was a puppy i though the cutest phase was when her ears were perking up. Some days they were up, sometimes down, and sometimes one ear was up and one was down.

    An Arkies Musings

  7. Hi Jules, Just the cutest little fellow...I have written a post about Milou and made a link to you and your last post. Do come and see what your pup will look like in six years.

  8. Hi Jules
    What a super 'piccie' of your dog - lovely expression.
    Thank you for visiting at my place and for those very encouraging comments. I'll drop by certainly again and I hope you will call as well.

  9. Hi Jules

    Kekoa is being loved as much as my Zebbycat. Happy loved Lads.

    RE - comments. I have mine set up so after x number of weeks I get emailed if a new comment appears. Is all within the BLOGGER dashboard stuff. Let me know if you need more info and I'll research what the heck I did and email you.

    Sooo happy that you are Kekoa's significant human - of course after the loving greeting he first gave you.

    XXX from me, Zeb is ZZZZing while he waits for his human version of an electric blanket to get to bed.

    Much care, Michelle

  10. What a ham! He is absolutely the cutest pup I have seen awhile. He oozes cuteness!


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