Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun....

Okay, Kekoa is sleeping at my feet right now, so I wanted to use this time to play a little bit of catch up. Yes puppy training, playing, and loving is keeping me on my toes right now. But so is all of this Internet stuff. When I canceled our land line and moved the Internet over to the cable, I had to change servers. That meant that I had to also change browsers; sigh...... which means I am in process of building up my bookmarked web pages again. I am working on getting to each blog friend, re-save the site, and then of course reading thru fun lives and say my hellos. I do hope I will be caught up with everyone by the end of the week.

In the mean time, I promised to share a bit of our Easter fun.

The kids certainly are not little anymore so the usual egg hunt is a bit on the boring side. But that has never stopped my mom from creating a whole afternoon of smiles and giggles.

Here is part of our group playing a game called "Pretzels". There were two teams involved. Each team had to have one team member sit in a chair and cover their head with whipped cream. Then the rest of the team mates would throw pretzels at them with hopes of getting as many as possible to stick to their heads.

There was a game called "Password". In that game a team mate had to get the other members of the team to guess a word by using only 1 word clues. For each time there was a wrong guess, there was a consequence to be delivered. They had to do things like mime being locked in a box and figure out a strategy to get out or sing the ABC's backwards.

There was a game called "Crackhead". Each player had to choose one of the twelve eggs located in the special basket. Then they had to choose a friend to crack that egg over their head. 3 of the eggs were secretly hard boiled and the other 9 were raw.

That is Puddin' (a.k.a Rosie-girl for my long time blog readers) sitting there with the funny expression on her face. Even with the protective cap and plastic bag, that raw egg still feels awfully cold and slimy.

Those little blue hats that you have seen in the pictures served as protection from eggs and whipped cream but they were also labeled as their "thinking caps". So they had to have them on before they could give a correct answer to anything.

Doesn't this look interesting? The goal: two teams raced to get their team mate (victim) firmly placed on the garage door. That is my Pippin with the tape over her mouth. She was loudly protesting in shock at being picked as the smallest person on the team and therefore the most logical for wall sticking. Her team mates decided they could work faster if they didn't have to listen to her.

Here is the other team's wall sticker. They won.

It was such an amazing day. All the fun and all the food and all the relationships made it a memorable time for everyone.

Of course, the games and food were not the point of this glorious Easter celebration. They were just an additional perk. Being together in honor of the sacrifice that God and Jesus was the whole point of the day.


  1. Oh, you do indeed have the heart of a youth leader!!!! LOL...I remember these kinds of games! Too fun! Blessings to you and yours, Janine XO

  2. Wow, Jules...good on you! Those games sound like a great time was had by all!

    And thanks for visiting my is hard to play catch up when all those things change, isn't it? Not that it has happened to me yet, but I am on a little laptop, onto which not all my favorite blogs have been transferred.

    You prob didn't get my comment on my blog, to say that my sister is also visiting from Australia for a couple of weeks, and so we are now in Washington for a couple of days to look around. Hope to get up to Boston also.

    I would love to get around lots of places, but it isn't going to happen really...oh well. Little by little!

  3. do have fun..messy fun! I saw a pic like this once with a baby taped to a a wall. I took it as an example of how not to behave as parents!Or else get the child services round to visit. LOL

    Your pup is so lovely I must get Moannie over here to loook.

    glad you are rock n roling again

  4. wow..that's some fun you all had :P Have a great weekend Jules...and fyi, I met a good friend this week, our Miss Kitem :P

  5. JULES> MAD MAD, But nice.just up my time try stock's with plate's of custer lovely jubley,what a mess.


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