Friday, April 17, 2009

It All Adds Up....

"The joys of paying our taxes..."
Can you imagine anyone saying that? Well we did this year. Check out my story....

As I have mentioned before, we are working hard at becoming debt free. We are doing this by working hand in hand with a non-profit management company. We send them a lump sum of money each month and they divide it up and send it to the places it need to go to. Because of that, most of the time we never open the bills that arrive in our mailbox. They simply end up in a pile on the desk.

So, the other night we were working on our taxes. (Yes, we waited until the last minute.) Hubby was very frustrated at the red number that TurboTax was showing that we owed. I was trying to fix things, because I am a fixer, and we both ended up getting pretty snippy with each other.

Finally my hubby said, "Fine. I will dig through this pile of mail and maybe I can find the information you are needing." About 5 minutes into the digging and envelope opening he said, "Oh my!"

Wanna know what he found?
He found a check for $100 that was issued to us 4 months ago. There was also a statement saying that our account had been paid in full and we over paid so this was our reimbursement.

Wanna know what we owed this year for federal?
The red numbers said $93.
How perfect is that? We had waited till the last minute because we just knew we wouldn't have the money to pay whatever it was that we were going to owe. Little did we know that God had even taken care of that. Knowing us, if we would have seen that check when it first came in the mail 4 months ago, we would have spent it on something else and been in trouble now.

But wait because this is perfect too.
When I figured out our state taxes, it said we were in the green by $46.
We just laughed because I had paid $45 for the TurboTax program.

It all adds up.
I love it when I get to recognize the things that God has laid out in front of us before we even think about it.


  1. What a great God He is!!!! I'm delighted for you!!! Have a great weekend! ~JanineXO

  2. HE's Right on the button.He of little faith. shame on you both. Ha Ha Ha.

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  4. That was really too much of a coincidence for it to be a coincidence!
    Glad you are being looked after from above! We pay too much tax about time we had some returns!

  5. Try not to spend that whole dollar you came out with in the same place. ;)

    Good is good!

    All the time.

  6. Haha! Now who would have thought about a story behind this tax stuff, which we all hate to do..but can't avoid ;( Am glad that it turn out well a way. Hope you'll have a good week Jules and a great spring too.

  7. A beautiful balance! You are truely being looked after - and this is so well deserved!

    What a lovely way to start the new fiscal year of yours, and to continue a great Springtime.

    Autumn here is being very kind. And little bits of life pop up too - the leaves of the self-spread arum lilies are starting to pop up over the wilderness of my inner city (and semi-vertical) section.

    I let a flat leafed parsley go to seed last year - and little plants are now growing. I just need to teach my mowing service bloke the difference between a herb plant and a weed.

    Hope your Spring continues to flourish and bring joy, as does the wee Kekoa.

    Care and sincere love, Mickle and my darling rescue cat, Zebby xxxx and Zeb style purring (loud, deeply pitched, and lengthy)


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