Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week In The Life of Me......

I normally try to look at the positive side of things, I try to see the blessings of the day and be ever so thankful to God for His provisions. I think I succeeded in doing that this past week but I am just feeling a bit tired....laughing about the crazy week.......and grateful that today has been a bit more on the mellow side.

Last week started out, and centered around, the drama of guy and girl liking one another. A dear friend came to Pippin and said, "hey I have to be honest here and let you know I think I like you a bit more that just a friend." Now up to this point, at 17 years of age, Pippin has kept herself unscathed by the dilemmas of teen crushes. It wasn't anything I pushed on her......aside from saying that emotions are complicated enough with having to figure out who God is calling you to be as a young adult. If she would have liked someone sooner than now, I would have been fine with it.

So, he says "I like you."
She says, "I think I might like you too but I don't want to change our friendship."
He says, "What do we do now?"
She says, "Let's ask my mom what to do." Yes I see that blessing.
So I begin 'the counsel'.
But as the week progresses and other things come out in conversations..........well it would be so pointless to go into details and dredge up all the icky. The final consensus between all involved was that they would rather spend more time growing up in God and not getting side tracked with the emotions of being 'twitter-patted'.

The final comment of my daughter, "Sigh....this stinks! I should have known better. I am through with this stuff. I finally let myself like a guy and all it gets me is a bunch of drama.......oh and now I have to buy "Rixxi" a pizza because we had a bet going on who would get a crush first."

Oh how I love my girls. I love looking at things through their eyes. When I was a teen and going through all of the drama of could probably find me throwing darts at drawings of the current person that hurt my heart. But no, not my Pippin. She raises her hands in the air in a back and forth pattern and proclaims, "Do Over!" with a smile on her face.


I also spent a few days this week with my mother-in-law who is currently in town and doing the winding traveling of being a snowbird (a northern senior aged person who travels south for the winter, usually in an RV) as she and her hubby head back home to North Dakota. We have played on her computer tweaking things a bit, had a couple of lunches together, gone shopping, and made more plans to come. I so enjoy being with her. I wish they didn't live so far away, but I am grateful that they spend a few weeks here each spring.


And yesterday morning I got my car rear-ended. It was a pointless thing really and I feel so bad about it. I was driving in a residential area looking for an address and happened to be in this gal's blind spot I guess when she was pulling out of her driveway. Can you picture it....neither one of us speeding or even barely going 5 miles an hour and yet the damage to our bumpers is crazy. She suggested that we just let it go because it didn't look bad to either one of us. But Hubby showed me where the rear quarter panel is almost on the muffler and that is not good. So I spent the morning getting estimates for her. She hopes to just pay for my damage and not involve her insurance but I can't imagine she will want to when she hears the conservative $1800 that was quoted to me.

So, let's round out the blessings......
Pippin has a great attitude.
Awful things could have happened in that relationship but they didn't.
She chose to keep me involved all the way and seek my advice.
The joyful memories of being with my in-laws.
The fact that my in-laws are joyful.
The car accident was a piddly thing and no one got hurt.

I'd say that despite having lemons, I succeeded in making lemonade.
Thank you Father God for your love and provision.
I hope your week was well too.


  1. You do have such a positive attitude! Good for you! And I'm thanking God with you that you were able to make lemonade...Blessings to you, and may you have a quieter coming week! ~Janine XO

  2. Joules what a week. So glad that Pippin is able to talk to you about everything - just goes to show what a good parenting job you have done that her problems are a part of your life, I don't remember sharing anything like that with my Mum at that age. What a wonderful thing that is, and wow what a wonderful attitude she has!

  3. This is just great JUles..for a teen daughter to want to counsel mom on such a subject, I do wish and HOpe I'll be lucky too in the future...

  4. A WEEK IN THE LIFE JULES AND FAMILY. NEXT WEEK will mom run out of answer's and will the girl's tell their friends about mom and so all their friends will be knocking on the door for advice for mom, and will dad go and live in a tent out back to get some peace and will mom go and join dad in the tent.SAME TIME SAME PLACE DON'T Miss next week's installment.

  5. Hi Jules,

    Love that your girls are sensible. :-) My teen romances usually ended with me in tears.

    The snowbird thing is familiar to me because I'm on the southern end of that journey. My folks lived for many years in a trailer park that was frequented by snowbirds so dedicated to the area that they set up permanent trailer homes in it. It had been a working nursery at one time and was really beautifully landscaped plus right next to a wildlife preserve.

    Hope you have good luck with the accident lady.

    Have a great week!

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!

  6. That is great to have made it to 17 and no drama crushes! I love the image of her throwing up hands and calling "do over" hehe. Cute!

    Glad your fender bender did not hurt anyone!


  7. Your daughter is amazing, just like her mother. I am so glad no one was hurt in that prang. Did I read right? You love spending time with your in-law's?? Awesome!

  8. A week of swell happiness, and gentle leaving (well done, that dear daughter), and blessedness well earned by Jules.

    A wee interuption - dear Mima, sending super love and gentle care, darling Mima - plus smuggled huggles for your ZenaGirl.

    And open huggles to Jules and wee Kekoa. As the lad is so interested in the dishwasher, try training him to (gently) empty it.

    Er......, if doesn't work then please at least post the photos of the wee boy's attempts for the blogworld, save the funniest just for darling Mima.

    Much care, love and many huggles, Michelle. Zebbycat sound asleep ....for now...... xxxxx and purry purrumbles.


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